Yvonne Wong
Senior Real Estate Negotiator, Property Hub
Over the past 8 years, Yvonne has worked her way up to be a frequent Top Performer at Property Hub time and time again.

Her most recent memorable project was a RM25 million sale on a warehouse where movement restrictions during the pandemic made progress a strenuous feat. Yvonne managed to close the deal in six months and become a top performer once again in 2021.

Before her transition into real estate, Yvonne had to make the risky decision to leave her stable salary career as an air stewardess to become a real estate negotiator where income is not always a guarantee.

“I’m determined to become a success in real estate and I won’t stop until I achieve that level of success. Success motivates me to be the best I can be. I want to set an example, you never know who is looking up to you and I hope my son will have someone to look up to too.”

A single mother and dedicated real estate negotiator who works hard to provide for her son. Read her journey and the way she turned her life around. Read her story.

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