Are you still paying deposit to rent a house?
We are now offering Zero Rental Deposit for you to rent a house!
You just need to pay 1 month rental in advance and choose the insurance package that
fits your needs, then you can move in!


Did not receive a rental payment? No worries, a reminder will be sent to the tenant once no rental is received.
Just sit back and relax.


The landlord gets coverage of 2 months of rental loss, unpaid utilities and malicious damage. This gives even more protection to the landlord than a deposit.


Our direct debit services allows you to collect rental automatically every month. Did not receive a rental payment? No worries, a reminder will be sent to the tenant once no rental is received. Just sit back and relax.


Are you still collecting deposit?
Still asking your tenant to pay deposit?
Find it a headache when tenant asks you to refund the deposit?
The deposit is not enough to cover the damage, loss of rent and outstanding utility bills when the tenant moves out?


Not sure about Zero Deposit? Don't worry, we have you covered...

Property Hunter Zero Deposit is a joined partnership with BlueDuck Zero Deposit and can be offered through one of our partner agents or you can contact us if you do not have an agent representative. If you normally collect the deposit yourself, you can offer the no deposit option for your tenant by simply signing up online. Visit the Landlords page on BlueDuck.my to learn more about how you can benefit from the BlueDuck Zero Deposit Solution.

You are covered for rental income loss or damage for your property. Based on your coverage, your compensation will be different.

The Zero Deposit solution may attract a wider audience of tenants. However, your agent will still carry out the same checks on tenants to ensure they are suitable and meet the criteria you have agreed with your agent prior to them being introduced to Zero Deposit. Furthermore, we will run a credit check with a credit agency and if they have previous runaway records, we will not accept them.

The insurance cost and 1% success fee on every rental collection via BlueDuck direct debit solution.

No, the BlueDuck zero deposit replaces the need for a tenancy deposit, giving you effectively the same security and protection but without the hassle of collecting a traditional deposit.

While BlueDuck need to ensure the claim process is smooth and faster, we would be the third party to verify whether the tenant has make the payment. All tenants needs to use our E-mandate by FPX system to make rental transfer. This is additional initiative to help landlord to get the rental on time.

e-Tenancy is legal in Malaysia. Lepro is the company that developed Lesys e-Tenancy and has been officially appointed by LHDN for e-stamping since 2016. Up until today, Lesys have more than 500 e-tenancy agreements stamped by LHDN.

*zero deposit scheme is offered in collaboration with BlueDuck*

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