Hilda Halim
Team Leader, Property Hub
Hilda was in the banking industry for 21 years before committing to be a full time Real Estate Negotiator. After being in the banking industry for so long, it wasn’t an easy decision to make but she saw a life changing opportunity. Real estate has offered her the freedom and lifestyle that she’s always wanted, although it wasn’t always easy.

Six years later, Hilda leads a team of seven Bumiputera, six of which are women. She strives to encourage and represent the bumiputera race in the real estate industry and to inspire and set an example for her family.

“What’s important to understand is, it is not easy to achieve success in life but if you work hard, be consistent, discipline yourself and work your way out through your challenges, nothing will stop you to become a successful person regardless of any profession that you’re in.”

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