Mei Boon
Head of Investment and Commercial & Land Strategist, Property Hub
Not only is Mei Boon a frequent top performer and leader at Property Hub, she is a fighter. Mei Boon is a mother and breast cancer survivor, all while helping Property Hub to achieve the NREA 2021 award for Sabah Real Estate Firm of the Year. She strives to be a game changer in the industry by creating hundreds of job opportunities through her land sales.

With the continuous support from her family, Mei Boon is kept motivated and determined to go further.

“Real estate is one of the best careers for women who want to create their own destiny, it’s one of those careers where you can be your own boss, set your own hours and see the rewards of all your work.”

Mei Boon believes women are empowering each other more than ever. She hopes to educate, inspire and provide uplifting and positive examples to new female negotiators that are looking to embark on this industry.

On 17th March at 8:30PM, Mei Boon will be speaking on a panel discussion titled “Addressing Real Issues in the Real Estate Industry''. Register to join the discussion here.

Mei Boon is a woman who overcame the challenges to become a leader in Property Hub. Read her story.

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