Doris Tan
Real Estate Negotiator, IQI Realty
Doris Tan has been an experienced property agent since 2018. She is currently a Real Estate Negotiator with IQI Realty helping many people find their dream homes, providing them with expert advice and guidance along the way.

“I’ve had some friends say they’re sceptical when I first tell them about my plans to become a property agent. However, that didn't stop me.”, Doris said.

In 2021, Doris was awarded ‘Real Estate Negotiator (Commercial) Sabah 2021 by the Malaysian Institute of Estate Agents(MIEA).

Doris is committed to breaking down the stereotypes that keep women out of certain industries, and she’s ready to prove that being a property agent isn’t just a man’s job. Doris hopes to inspire seniors in age or even the younger generations.

“It is never too late to start anything. What is important is our willingness, our focus, our positive mindset. Build a passion in it and you will see your success.”

A woman who dealt with people doubting her ability to succeed shares her story. Read her story.

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