Ellen Tang
Associate Director, Aton Group
Ellen has rolled out many successful major developments into the state, namely Aru Suites and Vetro11. She is also the director of PH Property Services where she uses her extensive background of 10 years in multiple real estate sectors to innovate and excel in the industry.

At the early stages of her career, Ellen described herself as quiet and reluctant to speak up, even when she had ideas and opinions.

“I love the challenges and learning curves of being in property development, from selecting the right location to developing the final product for the market. We should not let ourselves be unheard; do your homework and speak your mind. Confidence is instrumental in building one’s credibility.”

On 17th March at 8:30PM, Ellen will be speaking on a panel discussion titled “Addressing Real Issues in the Real Estate Industry''. Register to join the discussion here.

Ellen is a woman who has a thrill for challenges and makes the most of it to bring people together. Read her story.

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