Philomena Chai
Agency Leader, Propnex Sabah
Philomena brought PropNex to Sabah and started the branch in 2019 after being with 2 listed companies and handling development above RM1.8 billion GDV. She has a passion for motivating others to dream big and live out their legacy. Since starting the branch, the team grew to 150 members, even during the pandemic. In 2021, PropNex Sabah won the NREA 2021 MIEA award for Sabah Residential Real Estate Firm of the Year.

“Starting Propnex Sabah was challenging and there were many hurdles we had to overcome. Making changes to a long-standing culture is not an easy task. But what is most memorable to me was getting everyone to be united and aligned with the same vision at the end of the day. I found a light with Propnex.”

Philomena will be a speaker at the panel discussion titled “Addressing Real Issues in the Real Estate Industry'' on 17th March at 8:30pm on Facebook. Register to join the discussion here.

Philomena is a woman who found her way through the industry and handling large-scale developments at multinational corporations. Read her story.

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