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Sabahans Urged to Build an Environment for Investment by SHAREDA

President of Sabah Housing And Real Estate Developers Association (SHAREDA), Mr Chew Sang Hai urges those in the real estate industry to actively get involved in the development of Sabah.

To promote their Annual Gala dinner, SHAREDA Nite 2019, Mr Chew spoke at a press conference yesterday here, in Kota Kinabalu. Once the Organizing Chairman of the event, Mr Roy Chiew Min Hann, addressed the media regarding the event, Mr Chew took the time to stress the importance of investing in the State of Sabah through real estate developments and investments.

“Since the general election, it has been a challenging time in the industry so the state government, led by our Chief Minister, has been delegating overseas to actively invite people to come and invest in Sabah.”

Mr Roy Chiew added that by bringing in and integrating international brands, the quality of life and tourism in Sabah will be enhanced. President, Mr Chew reinforced the idea that while it is great to have international investors, locals should also work to stimulate growth in the industry.

He said, “So what does SHAREDA do? We work in line with the government’s direction and encourage all members of our association to launch projects so to stimulate investment activities.”

Mr Chew affirmed these projects could be hotels or other construction and development projects.

SHAREDA's job, as an organization, is to urge their members to work with the state government to boost the economy. Some of their members have since responded to their call and launched projects to bring the money back into the state.

“We cannot force everyone to come to the front line but as the President of SHAREDA, I am very happy to have the support from our members that they are investing or launching projects that create more job opportunities in Sabah and stimulate growth in the economy.”

At the SHAREDA Nite 2019 on the 20th of September, five of the real estate industry’s top-performing developers will be awarded recognition for standing by and supporting the state government. These leading developers will be determined by the number of sales made under the Home Ownership Campaign 2019 (HOC).

Mr Chew was also proud to report, “This year we have surpassed our HOC target of RM300 Million. Today we are going to revise our target figure to RM600 Million. I was just told today our figure is already coming to RM500 Million.” He hopes that this good news will spread throughout the community and encourage others to invest today.

Furthermore, it was reported that the sales performance in the East Coast of Sabah has improved. Collectively, Sandakan, Lahad Datu and Tawau have contributed 30% of the total sales in Sabah under HOC 2019, which is an encouraging sign as compared to only 10%- 20% in the previous years.

SHAREDA looks forward to their event of the year, SHAREDA Nite 2019, and hopes it encourages an environment for investment. You can read more about the event here.

Present at the press conference yesterday, which was held at Magellan Sutera Harbour, was SHAREDA Nite 2019 Deputy Organizing Chairman and SHAREDA Youth Member, Nick Chu; SHAREDA Nite 2019 Organizing Chairman and SHAREDA Council Member, Roy Chiew Min Hann; SHAREDA Vice President, Chai Meng Kong; SHAREDA Vice President 2, Datuk Wong Chen Yee; SHAREDA Deputy President, Datuk Sr. Chua Soon Ping; and SHAREDA President, Mr Chew Sang Hai.

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