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The Sabah Housing and Real Estate Developers Association (SHAREDA) Expresses Its Appreciation for the Proactive Measures Taken by the Energy Commission of Sabah (ECoS) in Launching the Grid-Connected

The Sabah Housing And Real Estate Developers Association (SHAREDA) expresses its appreciation for the proactive measures taken by the Energy Commission of Sabah (ECoS) in launching the Grid-Connected Solar Photovoltaic System for Self- Consumption in Sabah (SELCP-PV Sabah) program.

SHAREDA President, Datuk Sr Chua Soon Ping, commends the state government for establishing its own Sabah Energy Commission, highlighting the significance of localised efforts over relying on federal counterparts.

Solar Program: A Step Towards Sustainable Energy

ECoS's introduction of the SELCP-PV Sabah program is a commendable initiative, allowing the public to harness excess solar power during the day and utilise it at night, thus promoting sustainable energy practices.

Solar power, being a renewable energy source, contrasts with non-renewable sources like gas and diesel currently used by SESB. Datuk Chua urges Sabah to prioritise renewable sources like solar, hydropower, and biomass to reduce carbon emissions. Initiatives as such not only help to reduce the electricity bills, but also contribute to reducing the carbon footprint, thus resulting in a greener earth for our future generations.

“The self-metering program aligns with common practices across our country and is a timely solution for Sabah amidst the ongoing energy and water crisis.” said Datuk Chua.

Appeal for Incentives: Fostering Environmental Responsibility

SHAREDA is committed to motivating its members to contribute to sustainable development through the construction of green buildings equipped with solar panels and rainwater harvesting tanks.

In order to achieve a widespread adoption of green practices, SHAREDA appeals to the government to incentivise developers for green buildings and sustainable development, fostering a collective commitment towards environmental responsibility. The effective incentives will have a significant impact in influencing the adoption of green initiatives amongst the general household and other industrial and commercial buildings.

Besides this, lowering the cost of adoption can also encourage the general households to participate in these initiatives. This can be done through exemption of all taxes imposed on solar panels and water tanks.

In light of the recent announcement of the Service Tax in Malaysia effective on 1st March 2024, the rate of service tax increased from 6% to 8%, SHAREDA urges the Federal Government to give exemption all taxes imposed on solar panels and water harvesting tanks in Sabah state. Given the electricity and water crisis, these exemptions can catalyse the large-scale adoption of sustainable solutions.

Government Leadership: Installing Solar Panels and Rainwater Harvesting

SHAREDA calls on the state government to lead by example, installing solar panels and rainwater harvesting systems in government and GLC buildings. Incentives for homeowners to adopt these technologies will contribute to reduced electricity and water consumption during challenging times.

“We urge the government to walk-the-talk and private sectors to complement the joint efforts to reduce water and electricity consumption so as to meet the shortages which we are facing right now. Also, to take the lead to implement green practices in government, local council buildings and government-built houses. Simple steps like installing solar panels and rainwater harvesting tanks will have a significant impact on the environment in the long run.” says Datuk Chua.

As Sabah embraces renewable energy solutions, SHAREDA pledges its support for initiatives that promote sustainable development and environmentally conscious practices. The association looks forward to collaborative efforts in building a greener and more resilient future for Sabah.

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