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LOVE KK Campaign and Kupi-Kupi With Mayor

SHAREDA President Datuk Sr Chua Soon Ping lauded the initiatives of Hon. Mayor Datuk Noorliza Awang Alip at the networking session of “Love KK” campaign in the “Kupi-Kupi Bersama Mayor” recently.

To achieve the objectives set above, Datuk Mayor has highlighted multiple activities to improve the sentiment towards Kota Kinabalu. This includes a community empowerment approach, having joint responsibility in tracking and tackling environmental issues, as well as cleaning and greening Kota Kinabalu. These activities and initiatives will span across all age groups, as well as NGOs and corporate players.

Datuk Mayor highlighting Love KK's programmes and activities

One of SHAREDA’s mission statements is to progressively work towards developments that are sustainable in nature. This is in line with the 5 objectives of the “Love KK” campaign – to make KK more Beautiful, Clean, Green, Livable and Vibrant.

Datuk Mayor commented that multiple programs and activities were in the pipeline to achieve the goals set out by the “Love KK” campaign, including the community tree planting program, green pocket at strategic areas and also economic activities at parks and open spaces.

SHAREDA president Datuk Sr Chua Soon Ping then unveiled that a plan to work with Kota Kinabalu Wetlands centre has been brought forth to improve connectivity towards the Likas Bay esplanade area. This will greatly increase the accessibility in tandem with improving the overall market value of areas adjacent to the planned bridge. Datuk Sr Chua further elaborated that the proposed bridge area will also cater to pedestrians and cyclists alike, further promoting a lower carbon, greener and cleaner ecosystem.

Pursuant to the increase of accessibility, Datuk Sr Chua also commented that KK North properties is planning to work with DBKK and SESB at Sepanggar on a 20-acre development site. They are planning to designate a substantial portion of the site for the development of a recreational park available to the community at large. This will provide a larger open space area within the development site as compared to the current allocation of 10% only.

Datuk Mayor further elaborated that the immediate impact from achieving the objectives of the “Love KK” campaign includes attracting investors and further business opportunities, creation of new jobs, and revitalizing service sectors.

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