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Perseverance and Dedication Is the Key to This Agents Success

It's been a bumpy road, but Tony never gave up. Here's his story. 

How long have you been in real estate and how has this career impacted your life?

Right before March 2020, I was still actively involved in the tourism industry as a tour guide. My job was to bring tourists to go up the mountain and go down to the sea. Then the suddenly the pandemic hit and the tourism industry shutdown overnight.

I was thinking to get another stream of income. I thought being a property agent and a tour guide should be more or less the same but I would just need to have my communication skills, which I already had and then just wait for the company or the agency to send me inquiries so that I may serve the clients, or I would just need to wait for the clients to call and ask me.

After I started this business, I found out it is a completely different scenario compared to the tourism industry. No pain, no gain. Your hard work does not mean that there will be the same rewards, but the results of your choice to stand still will be even more painful.

Through the real estate industry, I learned 3 pieces of knowledge that will be useful for my life.

I learned:

  1. To be more self-disciplined and manage my time

  2. How to do real estate investment

  3. Make good use of bank loan benefits

In addition, I am self-improving every day with all the knowledge related to real estate, such as building materials, stamp duty fees, buying and selling houses or renting, etc. These are all the knowledge that I have never learned in my previous field.

During MCO, how did you manage yourself through the pandemic?

At that time, my thinking was very simple, never give up and stick to it! Now that I have made my choice, I will continue to move forward without regret!

I firmly believe the road does not turn, people turn; people do not turn, the heart turns. Nothing in the world is difficult for one who sets his mind to it.  I uphold this conviction, which allowed me to make small achievements in the real estate industry during the movement control order.

What is a milestone or achievement that you are most proud of during your real estate career?

Since my career started in the real estate industry, there are 3 things and cases that impress me the most and make me so proud of it.

I once helped a homeowner successfully sell a property that had been on the market for more than 9 months. It was said that it was quite difficult to sell due to feng shui and price factors.

The second is to be trusted by a homeowner and let me help him rent out all the properties without worry.

Third, the trust from several tenants in me, they just listen to my introduction then they make a decision to rent the house and make the full payment of rental without visiting the property in person.

Last but not least, I helped several customers to buy their ideal home. I think it is one of my most happy achievements so far.

For me, the most important achievement I think so far is I win the customer's complete trust in me. Living up to their trust in me is my best return to customers.

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