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Kenneth on Nurturing Real Estate IQI Team Leaders

Kenneth is an award-winning team leader at IQI Sabah that has a passion for turning rookies into leaders. Here's his story. 

How long have you been in real estate and how has this career impacted your life?

I started my real estate journey in January 2019. It’s been 2 years and 8 months now. Each day it’s something new and never stop learning.

Knowledge in real estate enables me to share and assist all my prospects in their property investments according to their requirements and needs. Integrity, passion and persistence are essential in life and my career.

During MCO, how did you manage yourself or lead your team through the pandemic?

Persistency and discipline is a must. During MCO, I take the opportunity to realign myself by reading, joining live events, zoom training and online paid courses to learn and improve myself and my team.

Leveraging in digital technology by adapting ourselves with virtual meetings and training. Physical viewing is not allowed thus before total close down, I capture videos on some listing to standby as virtual viewing. To adapt, change and find solutions to challenges.

What is a milestone or achievement that you are most proud of during your real estate career?

My greatest accomplishment and still going on is that my members that have joined IQI platform have turned their desire into accomplished goals. It is a great fulfilment when clients are happy and satisfied with the service and solutions provided and even recommend to their friends and family around.

Individually being promoted to a leader in 6 months and to team leader in another 10 months. Recognized and awarded by a number of Top Subsales Performers and Rookie Awards in 2019. Thrilled and excited to own my very 1st dream car BMW 5 series with my IQI paycheck.

Why have you chosen the Property Hunter platform to help you excel in your business as a team leader and real estate agent?

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