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From Full Time Corporate Job to Success With Real Estate

Wilson didn't expect to find financial freedom through his real estate career so early on. Here's his story.

How long have you been in real estate and how has this career impacted your life?

I was encouraged by my family to enter in to the real estate industry. Eventually, I have joined the industry in early year 2020. I have realized that real estate really is a great career choice. It can be a very difficult career if the training and work ethic fails, but it can be a seriously rewarding career if you are self-motivated, hard-working, honest, and enjoy networking and helping people.

During MCO, how did you manage yourself or to lead your team through the pandemic?

Before coronavirus the growing digital skills gap was apparent across business worldwide. In fact, the pandemic has accelerated the desperate need for specialist digital skillsets to help businesses become more aligned with today’s
myriad technologies and platforms.

Digitalization is defined as a socio-technical, evolving process that takes place at the individual, organizational, societal, and global levels and across all sectors. It refers to the use of tools converting analog information into digital information.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the pace of digitalization has quickened, the adoption of digital technologies by enterprises has led to an increased opportunity for workers to carry on working from home.

There are a number of useful social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Instant Messenger, Telegram, Zoom Meeting, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams Meetup that allow me to keep in touch with my clients and teammates. In addition, investors can now discover any properties with a 360 degrees view which we called a “virtual tour”. The virtual tour can be done anywhere, anytime.

What is a milestone or achievement that you are most proud of during your real estate career?

My greatest real estate achievement has been getting my real estate business earning enough cash flow each month to allow me to transition from my full-time corporate job to a part-time corporate job.

To analyze the property market, provide professional advice and assist my clients to get their ideal properties. This is the proudest achievement during my real estate career.

Why have you chosen the Property Hunter platform to help you excel your business as a team leader and real estate agent?

Property Hunter (PH) platform is the largest property media network in East Malaysia. PH focuses solely on the property industry, its bi-monthly publication PH Magazine, an interactive property web portal and mobile (PH App) where the public can search for the latest properties available on the market, trending news and upcoming events in East Malaysia.

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