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5 Plants That Can Brighten Up Your Home

Having greens in your home can be super beneficial. Not only does it amplify your home, but you as well. Now with the trending obsession of home decorating, there are various plants that can enhance the appearance of your home.

Here are 5 low maintenance plants that require minimal effort. So you don’t have to worry if you’re unable to take care of them 24/7 :

1. Monstera Deliciosa

You’re probably familiar with this plant, it could be printed on your sheets, in a painting or even your phone wallpaper. This ‘Swiss Cheese Plant’ is known to have enormous leaves as it continues to grow. 

It is also a plant that is easy to take care of, hence why it should be on your indoor plant's wishlist. As its huge leaves are its asset, just placing it in the corner of your room will give it a livelier look.

2. Aloe Vera

Ever wanted a miracle worker? Not only is Aloe Vera a miracle worker in making your home brighter, but it also contains healing properties, so while it heals your home, it can heal you too.

Although it may not need much watering, it does need a touch of sunlight. It will look perfect on your kitchen top.

3. Chinese Evergreen

While some may be used to seeing pink or yellow-edged versions of these, these plants come in many various colours. Their variant colours can give you a break from a ‘green’ home.

This classic indoor plant is also suitable for your home as it can sustain any light condition. 

4. Peace Lilies

This plant works as an air purifier agent, providing you with cleaner, fresher air. It also helps those suffering from insomnia, giving you a better and peaceful sleep. Just like its name, it gives peace. 

Similar to the Aloe Vera plant, Peace Lilies will do just fine with minimal sunlight as they’re sensitive to direct sunlight.

5. Pandan

Known for its sweet scent, the Pandan plant is full of potential as it works as an insect repellent, making it a favoured herb by Malaysians.

It also helps promote cross-ventilation if used in larger homes. The Pandan plant is best suited in a place with larger space and filtered sunshine.

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