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7 Trending Design Ideas to Try in 2022

Trends are more than simply the latest colour or pattern, they're a representation of our culture, what we value, and what has influenced us. A house should represent the people who live it, a place where you can construct your idea of happiness.

We've put together a list of the trendiest décor trends to remember for 2022.

Multifunctional Furniture

It's simple to see why multifunctional furniture is so popular. Having multi-functional furniture helps to reduce clutter. The storage space provided allows you to keep clutter at bay and keep your area tidy, making it feel more inviting(plus, it’s more space-saving). 

Maximalism concept

While minimalist spaces radiate tranquillity and embrace simplicity, a maximalist concept exhibits vibrancy and thrill in the unexpected.

To maintain your maximalist loking unified and visually appealing, try adjusting it. Maximalism comprises luxurious furnishings, rich colours, wild patterns, and exquisite design, and it takes skill to blend these contrasting features. 

Back to vintage

Expect vintage and antique furniture to become even more popular in the months to come, with many homeowners investing time and money to make these new-to-them pieces as their own. 

It becomes tricky for one to define your space when you incorporate pieces from various eras, as the design feels unexpected and fresh.

Bringing outdoors indoors

Stress can be relieved by introducing home plants or even photographs of trees into our interior designs. These low-cost design elements not only look amazing, but they can also help us enhance our health.

Rattan(Rotan) furniture

Although cane and rattan have been fashionable for many years, these timeless designs will only gain favour in 2022. Whether you live in the city or on the outskirts, furniture made of natural materials works in various settings as they give calmness, warmth, and relaxation to a design. 

Retro-inspired designs

In recent years, retro-inspired decor and living spaces have made a reappearance. Many modern households appear to limit vintage aesthetics and retro patterns to the kitchen. Simple retro décor can often create a great impact on the mood of any living area while being chic and fashionable. When doing a retro design, it doesn't have to mean overdoing things with bright colours and vibrant patterns.

To emphasise the retro vibe, you can add some vintage chairs, a retro-styled table, and possibly other vintage decor items or two.

Sustainable touches

Consumers are searching for more innovative items that are more towards sustainability, from home technology to furnishings as we start to adapt the concept of green technology in our homes.

We anticipate a wave of brilliant and bold sustainable materials and products in 2022, forcing us to rethink what sustainable design is and can be.


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