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What Does It Take to Have an Insta-Worthy Home?

Ever wondered how to turn your home into an Insta-worthy shot house? Apart from being flawlessly tidy, they aren’t completely out of reach and there are a few factors these desired homes tend to share.


Light and spaces

Light and spaces contributed to the factor that spaces flooded with bright, natural light enhances the colours and textures of the interiors. Big windows are desirable everywhere, the trick is to figure out the window covering that suits the space, style and personal needs. Aesthetics and features are equally significant in acquiring a house that is filled with light whenever you need it and also to create a perfect ambience. 


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Artistic elements

It adds value when implementing artistic elements into your home, whether it is a statement chair, an interesting artwork or sculpture decor. But unfortunately, these unique details tend to cost a fortune. However, we simply just need to be creative, use any common-found or personal items, rather than buying what everyone has makes it more meaningful. We can try to create our own artworks.  


Houseplants as ornaments

The houseplant trend came back up again and it is not slowing down any time soon. Although some greenery adds some vibrance into our home, plants aren’t solely for artistic purposes. Plants help to freshen the air, which is a good thing since we are spending most of our time in our comfortable home.



All those aspirational homes that we see a lot on Instagram and Pinterest is that they are unique. The designs are the owner’s own styles and not defined entirely by trends. Interior designer Emma Blomfield said, “It’s not about the money, it’s about the style. Design trends and tastes are fickle so don’t spend a ton on something you might hate in two or three years.”


“Furthermore, the style of your home is not solely based on your personal style, but should be dictated by the style of the home as well.”


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Interesting colour choices

Just like the previous point, colour is highly personal and there's a noticeable trend as we scroll through Instagram. A stylish home often used a variety of colours.


“A lot of people are afraid of using colour and then complain about being stuck with ‘boring’ shades,” Emma said. “If you’re unsure, choose three to five colours or shades per room. It can even be the same colour in different shades, for example sky blue and navy blue,” she continued.

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