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Whisper: Shh… a New Beach Front Resort in Tuaran Is Underway

An interview with Mei Boon of Property Hub

  • We heard a new resort is coming to Tuaran.
  • We spoke to the lady who facilitated the deal.
  • We learned what it takes to become successful in real estate.

Bubbly, cheerful and fun loving are some common terms used to describe Mei Boon, a gung-ho property negotiator, petite in size but big in personality.

Mei is the Senior Executive Real Estate Negotiator at Property Hub Sabah. Having joined the award-winning real estate agency in January 2018, she is fast proving herself to be a high-achiever overcoming obstacles for one thing she is passionate about - Property!

On the day of the interview, she arrived 20 minutes ahead of schedule, well groomed and radiating an aura of confidence. She said she always arrive earlier than her scheduled appointment so to be completely ready for any meeting. Coincidentally, billionaire Richard Branson also said in an interview with CNBC "If you want to be more productive, then start at the start: get there on time". He quoted that punctuality is the key to his productivity. Clearly Mei also shares the same success trait.

The Big Deal

Mei caught our attention because of a recent deal that she closed. It is a hotel located on the outskirts of Tuaran, a beach front resort with an 8-digit price tag. It was one of her biggest transactions but was also the toughest, taking her more than 6 months to facilitate.

"I had to research and learn about the industry and the complexity of land deals before I can even talk to the buyer," she shared with a sense of pride. "I have to study about land zoning, land conversion, development plans, statistics in tourism and even the hospitality industry. I have to be knowledgeable in my product before I can sell it to my client." This we feel is the true spirit of a professional real estate negotiator.

Mei is particularly proud of her achievement in painting a VISION for the buyer during the stages of negotiation. The subject property was in a state of despair when she brought the buyer to inspect the site. "I had to give them (buyer) a vision of what the place can potentially be. I proposed a corner for them to build a sunset pavilion which can be an instant Instagram hit, and I told them the beach can be cleaned up to host beach weddings and events," she shared.

"I am excited about this project not because of its big price tag, but I really look forward to have a new place where I can bring my family to, a new destination for Sabahans to enjoy!" At this point, we were truly moved by her humble and genuine desire.

She Is Also A Pilot

Did we tell you she can fly drones? Yes, she is one of the very few female drone pilots in KK. Completely self-learned, she invested in and mastered the technique of maneuvering a drone because she wanted to be good at her job.

"I need to up the game as a real estate negotiator and embrace technology," she proclaimed. Indeed, with the help of a drone, she can now easily take videos and photos of vast pieces of land or property and present it to her client without having to go through the hardships of site exploration on foot.

When we spoke, Mei was picking up the skill of video editing, a trait previously irrelevant but now highly essential. Just like Warren Buffett once said, "The key to success is to keep learning."


Her View on Tourism In Sabah

Sabah as we all know is a haven for nature retreats and adventure. However, many are questioning the sustainability of our tourism industry as we are unable to attract returning tourist for subsequent visits.

As a frequent traveler, Mei thinks that Sabah lack tourist attractions and activities. Apart from the islands and mountain, there are not many choices for visitors, especially those with families. 

However, when asked about Semporna, she believes that place is poised for growth. "In the next 10-15 years, Semporna will be transformed as there are many projects already underway. The water in Semporna is also second to none!"

"I Eat, Live And Breathe Property!"

Mei has been in the real estate industry for almost her entire life. She started her career with a developer and later spent a good 15 years in an agency. Along the way, she has ventured into businesses such as running a French Restaurant here in KK, but real estate is the true passion in her life.

"Being a woman in real estate is not easy. You work amongst men most of the time. I have to fight like a man and work twice as hard so to achieve my targets," said the mother of two. She quoted that joining Property Hub Sabah in 2018 has been a life transforming experience, and she is constantly motivated by the team.

To connect with Mei and learn more about her inspiring stories, you may reach her at

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