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Hope for Tuaran Resort Over Right of Way

There may be hope yet for Tuaran tourism resort Kelly Bays with the involvement of the Land and Survey Department and identification of an alternative right of way soon for them.

Kelly Bays Chief Executive Officer Stephen Tseu said they were happy that the department has stepped in to assist them in identifying an alternative right of way for tourist buses to their place.

"We can't say much more on the matter at the moment except to say we are grateful for their assistance on the matter."

He said this to the media when met for a press conference at a restaurant in Damai on Friday, May 12.

Tseu said he was also able now to reassure their staff who were made up of the local villagers who were worried that their jobs at the tourist spot would be affected by the road closure.

Earlier, the Kelly Bays resort, which is a popular tourist and family camping area at Kampung Laya Laya, Tuaran, was faced with a situation where they could potentially lose their visitors with the threat of the access road closure to their site starting April 4 by Ko-Nelayan which accused the tourist buses to the resort of damaging the access road, a charge that the resort said was unacceptable as they have been contributing as well towards the road upkeep each year which was used by villagers as well.

"We are the ones who are at a loss at the moment because Ko Nelayan was charging RM5 per visitor in order to use the road to get to Kelly Bays, otherwise our guests may be forced to walk all the way to the resort with their children. This is a burden that we are forced to fork out of our own pockets until today as our guests have refused to pay."

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