Just Rent It Out Lah!
I always have to remind myself that I need to go to the gym, right before I put a juicy and delicious fried chicken in my mouth. Well, you just can’t...
clock 07-08-2020

Malaysian Institute of Estate Agents and AirAsia Partners With MoU Signing
The Malaysian Institute of Estate Agents (MIEA) and AirAsia today announced their partnership through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signing ceremony ...
clock 08-12-2018

MIEA Sabah Invites Registration to Certificate in Estate Agency Course, to Be Conducted in Kota Kinabalu
The Malaysian Institute of Estate Agents (MIEA) Sabah branch is inviting interested parties to sign up and get certified as an estate agent as it prepares ...
clock 05-12-2018

Seal the Deal Series: How to start my real estate career in the first 90 days?
Lots of people will not agree with me, but I'm of the opinion that the first 90 days of your real estate career will be the most important ever. If you wa...
clock 16-11-2018

Seal the Deal Series: 20 ideas to be successful for real estate agents
If you're having trouble breaking out the daily funk, here are 20 inspiring ideas that will help you reframe the way you think about real estate and succes...
clock 05-11-2018

Seal the Deal Series: Top 4 Ways A Real Estate Coach Can Help You
Probably you have some goals you want to achieve in your Real Estate Career? Do you find it difficult to keep yourself committed and do the work that you...
clock 23-10-2018

Seal the Deal Series: How to Double Your Real Estate Leads in 30 Days With This Simple Strategy
The most efficient and easiest strategy to get more real estate leads will be presented to you today. The reason for it's simplicity is the fact that you d...
clock 08-10-2018

Seal the Deal Series: 6 Reasons Why You're Not Closing Sales as A Real Estate Agent
Ever ask yourself how fellow Real Estate Agents are selling multiple properties every month? With the same amount of time and work they spend on emails, ca...
clock 24-09-2018

Seal the Deal Series: 3 Things You Should Do to Jump Start Your Real Estate Career
There are many things a real estate agent can do to be successful, but it all starts with the basics. When you're starting in the real estate business, the...
clock 07-09-2018

Property Hub Opens New Office at T1 Bundusan
Property Hub opened their new Kota Kinabalu office located at newly completed commercial centre T1@Bundusan along Jalan Bundusan on 28 May 2018 and held an...
clock 16-07-2018

An Interview With Azmi and Co the Elites
Azmi & Co Sabah celebrated their top achievers of 2017 during their annual meeting held right at the close of 2017. We took this opportunity to pick the br...
clock 21-02-2018

An Interview With the Top Man: Joel Low
Joel Low of Property Hub started off in the event management world doing stand-up comedy shows. The boy from Petaling Jaya found his way to a new home in K...
clock 25-11-2017

Refrain the Use of Services From Illegal Real Estate Agents and Negotiators
Property buyers and sellers must refrain from enlisting the services of illegal real estate agents and negotiators, Deputy Finance Minister Datuk Lee Chee ...
clock 07-03-2017

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