IOS: Top Cities in UK for House Price Growth
For many Malaysians, the United Kingdom (UK) and Australia are the top 2 favourite countries when it comes to investment and migration. This comes as no su...
clock 06-08-2018

New Federal Building May Be Built at Demolished Wisma RTM Site
Only the old Wisma RTM Sabah building has been demolished and not Wisma Radio Sabah, confirmed Tourism, Culture and Environment Minister Datuk Seri Panglim...
clock 25-04-2018

Transactions in Malaysia to Be Almost 'Cashless' by 2025
Transactions in Malaysia are projected to be almost 'cashless' by 2025, given rate of development in today's technology, coupled with the fierce race to pr...
clock 04-02-2018

Unique 500-Metre Attraction in Labuan
The 500-metre stretch of upgraded road between Labuan Square and the abandoned Hotel Labuan will be finally re-opened tomorrow (Friday). Labuan Corporat...
clock 06-07-2017

Development Should Be Balanced With Art and Culture
The rapid development enjoyed by the country should be balanced and move in tandem with meeting spiritual needs through arts and culture appreciation. P...
clock 22-06-2017

DBKK Has No Power to Remove Atkinson Clock Tower, Says Mayor
The Kota Kinabalu City Hall (DBKK) does not have the power to remove the 112-year-old Atkinson Clock Tower, said Mayor Datuk Yeo Boon Hai. "DBKK has no ...
clock 09-05-2017

History of Kota Kinabalu at a Crossroad
A historic clock tower, the oldest standing structure in the city, is once again at the centre of a controversy and may be relocated after approval was all...
clock 04-05-2017

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