20-Storey Mixed Development Near Luyang Clinic
A mixed commercial cum condominium development will soon replace Taman Makmur near Luyang Clinic. The now demolished buildings were declared unsafe and bel...
clock 18-05-2017

Abandoned Eyesore Buildings to Be Redeveloped
Among the most common complaints of strata property residents in Sabah is the developer or property manager's failure in managing the housing development t...
clock 12-05-2017

Abandoned Homes, Abandoned Dreams?
More often than not, being able to save up for your first down payment on your soon-to-be home is something most of us strive for. The exhilaration of sign...
clock 19-04-2017

Abandoned Housing Estate Slated for Redevelopment
Taman Makmur, near the Luyang Clinic in Luyang, has been the target of many public complaints due to abandoned and unsafe buildings there, which are being ...
clock 04-04-2017

White Knight to Rescue Abandoned the Boss Service Suites Project
The Boss Service Suites (pictured) is possibly seeing some light at the end of the tunnel as several property developers have offered to step in to rescue ...
clock 30-03-2017

More Abandoned Projects Due to China’s Capital Control
China's aggressive crackdown on the capital flight could lead to a surge in abandoned projects in Penang, Johor and Kuala Lumpur, reported Free Malaysia To...
clock 14-03-2017

KKTP Appointed to Help Revive Abandoned 1 Sulaman
KKTP Sdn Bhd (under the purview of Ministry of Finance (Sabah) was appointed by the Ministry of Local Government and Housing (MLGH) in November 2016 to be ...
clock 15-02-2017

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