clock 12-05-2017
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Abandoned Eyesore Buildings to Be Redeveloped

Among the most common complaints of strata property residents in Sabah is the developer or property manager's failure in managing the housing development to account for proper details for management fee collection, big pay amount to property managers, company directors, perceived not doing a proper job or any related work at all, and unjustifiable expenditure.

The Kendara Court Condominium project and the Taman Makmur project in Luyang have been complained about in matters relating to bad site preparation, piling, construction standards and material usage, apathetic supervision by professionals, no strict checks and action by the local authority, poor maintenance management standards all led to deterioration of property condition and value.

Lembaga Pembangunan Perumahan Dan Bandar (LPPB) is supposed to acquire and redevelop Taman Makmur, as a state government agency for housing and some feel, it should aim to provide higher density affordable strata housing on the site up to 30-storey, instead of, like Taman Hartawan, went into a joint venture predominantly for mixed commercial development.

Until redeveloped, these are structural eyesores like the abandoned Star City, a blight on the living environment and on the professionalism of all those responsible by commission or omission of their public duty.

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