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KKTP Appointed to Help Revive Abandoned 1 Sulaman

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KKTP Sdn Bhd (under the purview of Ministry of Finance (Sabah) was appointed by the Ministry of Local Government and Housing (MLGH) in November 2016 to be the administrator to help in reviving 1 Sulaman. SLGM is the accountant firm engaged by KKTP to study and review the financial aspect of 1 Sulaman.

Their purpose is to find out how much is left in the 1 Sulaman project that is claimable by White Knight and also how many buyers have already defaulted in servicing the loan which will result in those units having a problem because the bank may not release the further money.

In addition to that, the purpose is also to find out how many contra buyers are there in the both Gold and Platinum Towers.

As published in a newspaper notice, KKTP wants the following:

A) Buyers with Loan
1. A Copy of S&P signed with Sagajuta - Just the Front sheet and the next 4 pages (until the signing page) - Total 5 Pages is required.
2. Loan Agreement
3. A Copy of the last Bank letter informing you that the payment has been released to Sagajuta.
4. A Copy of the Latest 1 Sulaman HOUSE LOAN bank statement from the loan bank. This statement is NOT your normal saving or current bank account.
5. Any other bank letter (If you have received any warning letter for late payment or legal letter from the bank).
6. A Copy of the Last Sagajuta invoice for your unit. (Total claimed 80% for Platinum and 35% for Gold).
7. For Sub sales:

Buyers and investors are encouraged to submit at least Item 1 & 6 and what other documents which can be extracted as soon as possible.

B) For Cash buyers
7. A Copy of S&P signed with Sagajuta and A Copy of the Last Sagajuta invoice for your unit
8. For sub sales: Deed of Assignment and 2nd S&P together with A Copy of the Last Sagajuta invoice for your unit

C) For Contra Buyers
9. Proof of document by Sagajuta for contra unit
10. Any Other relevant documents to support the contra units.
11. A Copy of the Last Sagajuta invoice for your unit
12. A Copy of S&P signed with Sagajuta

Once all the documents have been compiled, kindly scan and email it to for SGLM to collect. Please put your Lot No(s) as the Subject in your email.


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