Banks Raising Interest Rates While BNM Still Holding OPR Steady
Several financial institutions have increased their base rate (BR) ahead of Bank Negara Malaysia’s review of the overnight policy rate (OPR), according t...
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clock 07-05-2019
When Home Prices Drop, Interest Rates Will Drop Too?
When home prices rise too quickly? When home prices are rising VERY fast, what could central banks do? Well, they could issue ‘responsible lending’ ...
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clock 04-05-2019
Bank Employees to Enjoy 0% Housing Loan for First RM100k
Bank employees will soon enjoy 0% interest in their housing loans for the first RM100,000. All member banks under the Malayan Commercial Banks’ Associ...
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clock 11-01-2019
Malaysia Central Bank Holds Rate Amid Subdued Inflation
Malaysia's central bank maintained its benchmark interest rate on the back of low inflation and tempered economic growth expectations for the year. This mo...
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clock 07-09-2018
Government to Review Subsidy Systems Next Year
The government is expected to review several subsidy systems by next year, says Maybank Investment Bank Bhd (Maybank IB) Group Chief Economist Suhaimi Ilia...
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clock 28-08-2018
GE 14: Developers, Consumers to Take ‘Wait and See’ Approach
With the potential interest rate hike of 25 basis points and political uncertainties serving as key deterrents to property demand, RHB Research Institute e...
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clock 18-04-2018
Shell Sells Stakes in Sabah Reserves
Shell has completed the sale of its 50% equity interest (Sabah Shell Petroleum Company Limited 25% and Shell Sabah Selatan Sendirian Berhad 25%) in the 201...
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clock 04-04-2018
Banks Will Be Hit With the Proposed Lower Housing Loan Interest Rates
The government's proposal for lenders to lower housing loan interest rates is unlikely to be well-received by banks already struggling to boost earnings an...
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clock 05-02-2018
Putrajaya Proposing Lower House Loan Interest Rate, Even as BNM Hikes OPR
Putrajaya said today it will submit a proposal to Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) proposing a lower mortgage interest rate, in a bid to reduce the overall finan...
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clock 26-01-2018
China Buyers Eyes RM3 Million Properties in Malaysia
KUALA LUMPUR ― Malaysia is popular among China's house buyers who are looking for properties at an ideal price range of between RM1.2 million and RM...
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clock 13-11-2017
Increased Allocation and Higher Eligibility Limits in Housing Loans Next Year
KUALA LUMPUR: Civil servants can expect increased allocation and higher eligibility limits in housing loans next year. Sunway University Business School...
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clock 20-10-2017
Ringgit Extends Gains Against US$ Early Wednesday
The ringgit extended Tuesday's gains to open higher against the US dollar on Wednesday as more investors shifted their interest towards emerging currencies...
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clock 03-05-2017
Singapore’s Property Market to Benefit From Population and Economic Growth
Singapore's property market is expected to benefit from a number of government policy changes that have recently begun to take effect, according to recent ...
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clock 07-04-2017
RM1million Allocation to Improve Safety of Railway
The Sabah Railway Department (SRD) has been allocated RM1 milion to study and identify suitable communication equipment to improve safety on the existing l...
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clock 23-03-2017
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