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One Jesselton Condominium Receives Its Long Awaited Issuance of OC, SHAREDA Applauds

SHAREDA President, Datuk Sr Chua Soon Ping chuckled with a sigh of relief to see the happy faces from the long awaited homeowners of One Jesselton Condominium whom eventually will receive their keys for their new homes from Bina Puri Properties Sdn Bhd, after received the Occupation Certificate (OC) from Dato' Sri Dr Haji Sabin Samitah, Mayor of DBKK, recently. This completed mission of OC, will surely shorten and lighten all concerned parties in the aspect of the financial burden on extra costs incurred such as rental, bank interest charges, liquidated damages and so forth.

Datuk Chua applauds the intervention of DBKK Mayor with his officers to take quick actions to resolve the impediments amicably after receiving the OC application. Also, a shoutout of thanks to the Ministry of Local Government And Housing to pin-point on the technical issues and advice from Pertubuhan Arkitek Malaysia (PAM) Sabah for quick actions in addressing the technical issues hindering the process without dragging their feet any longer. The homebuyers had been expected to get their OC since 2018.

Kudos to all parties involved who had underlined and speed up the matter for the homebuyers of the 125 units in one block condominium. Besides that, it may be timely for some of the muslim homeowners to be able move in soon and be on time to celebrate their joyous Hari Raya Aidil Fitri in their new homes next month.

We all learnt that the process of applying OC is a long complicated issue and a sustainable solution is still in compliance of Certificate of Completion and Compliance (CCC) stipulated in the Uniform Building By-Law (UBBL) practices in West Malaysia for more than 15 years. In Sabah, All Local Authorities or PBT of 25 Districts, Tawau and Sandakan Municipalities have endorsed to implement CCC in compliance to the Uniform Building By-Law (UBBL) 2022, respectively. Utimately, the compliance of CCC will speed up timely delivery of completed housing to homebuyers without unnecessary delay.

Hence, SHAREDA urged and appealed to the Mayor of DBKK to consider to implement CCC soonest to simplify the procedure of approval of permits such as OC. In response, the Hon. Mayor Dato' Sri Dr Haji Sabin bin Samitah welcomed the SHAREDA’s recommendations highlighted during the courtesy call led by President Datuk Sr Chua Soon Ping on 15 March 2024 at DBKK HQ.

Subsequently, SHAREDA also deliberated other matters including the outline of the masterplan of building affordable housing for the rakyat of Sabah B40 and M40 with the 70 acres land from the State Government to SHAREDA Institute. Moving forward in the future projects and going for GREEN policies. In view of shortage water and power supply, remedial measures were introduced by SHAREDA - proposed installation of rainwater tanks to harvest excessive water during heavy raining season, instead of being runoff or discharge to the drains and causing flash floods in flood prone areas, recycle rainwater for domestic use, fire fighting, etc. Proposed installation of solar panels on rooftop of landed housing to sell off the excess power to the main grid. Last but not least, in a more holistic manner for the future landscape and betterment of the property industry growth and economic in the state, SHAREDA seek the strong support and collaboration from Datuk Mayor of DBKK and his team for directions and advice, respectively.

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