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Unlocking Mortgage Mastery: Miichael Yeoh Elevate Real Estate Practitioners' Knowledge

In a successful collaboration between Property Hunter and renowned ex-banker Miichael Yeoh, a Mortgage Masterclass for Real Estate Practitioners was held on the 20th via Zoom Meeting and on 27th of October at Sabah International Convention Centre, attracting approximately 50 eager participants who sought to gain insightful knowledge in the real estate industry.


Miichael Yeoh, with an impressive track record of over 22 years in the banking sector, brought his wealth of knowledge to the event. As the author of the best-selling book "Buying Property Like A Pro" and a seasoned speaker who has shared his expertise at over 250 seminars, Miichael was the perfect choice to lead this Mortgage Masterclass.


The event featured a diverse range of activities and presentations aimed at enhancing the professional skills and expertise of real estate practitioners. Among the highlights were two engaging group activities:


Learning to Calculate DSR (Debt-Service Ratio): Understanding the intricacies of DSR is crucial in the real estate industry. Miichael Yeoh, with his extensive banking experience, guided participants through the process of calculating DSR, providing them with valuable insights into this vital aspect of mortgage financing.


Understanding Approval Criteria for Various Banks: Real estate practitioners gained in-depth knowledge about the varying approval criteria employed by different banks. This information is indispensable when assisting clients in securing mortgage approvals, as different financial institutions have unique requirements.


By attending this Mortgage Masterclass, participants were not only equipped with essential knowledge but also earned 5 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours, enhancing their professional credentials. This added value to their careers, enabling them to better serve their clients in the competitive real estate market.


The collaboration between Property Hunter and Miichael Yeoh has undoubtedly empowered real estate practitioners with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in their profession. The event's success reflects the industry's commitment to fostering excellence and delivering exceptional service to property buyers and sellers. For those who attended, the Mortgage Masterclass was a transformative experience, solidifying their status as true professionals in the field of real estate.

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