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Best Chance to Buy Property This Weekend at Home Ownership Campaign Expo 2019

The Sabah Housing and Real Estate Developers Association (SHAREDA) and Property Hunter will be kicking-off Sabah's largest property exhibition the Home Ownership Campaign Expo 2019 at Dewan Foo Chow on 1-3 March.

The exhibition will coincide with the launch of the National Home Ownership Campaign (HOC) on 1 March in Kuala Lumpur. The government initiative that runs from 1 January to 30 June aims to encourage the public to buy a home during the campaign period by offering free stamp duty on the Memorandum of Transfer (MOT) on all new residential properties by developers registered under SHAREDA, REHDA and SHEDA, respectively. Developers will also be offering a minimum 10% discount on properties. The lists of benefits include: 1. 100% Stamp Duty Exemption on MOT for residential property valued up to RM1,000,000. 2. 3% Stamp Duty applicable on MOT for residential property valued between RM1,000,001 - RM2,500,000 3. 100% Stamp Duty Exemption on loan documents for residential property valued up to RM2,500,000. 4. Benefits are open to ALL Malaysian buyers (not just first-time buyers). 5. Minimum 10% discount (from APDL approved price) offered by the developers. Chew Sang Hai, President of SHAREDA emphasizes that there will be no other better time to buy property than during this period. "I must say, having been in the industry for more than 3 decades, I have never seen such good offers for homebuyers. There is tremendous savings for anyone who buys property during the Home Ownership Campaign period.

"Best of all, this is not limited to first-time buyers, the benefits can be enjoyed by every Malaysian, including investors who have multiple properties," says Chew.

Elson Kho, Director of Property Hunter echoes the words of Chew saying, "This truly is a rare opportunity to buy a house. If you are considering to buy a home, do come and find out about the details of the many incentives offered by the government, including stamp duty exemptions on MOT and Loan Documents. There will be a special booth where you can get detailed information on this."

"There will also be free-to-attend talk seminars on buying your first home, being a tax savvy property owner as well as tips on becoming a successful real estate investor in today's complex market." These property talks are aimed at equipping property buyers before they make an investment. Topic of interest that will be presented over the expo period include "10 Things A First Time Buyer Must Know" and "Top 5 Property Taxation Tips". Talks will run over two days on 2-3 March and will be conducted in English on Saturday while talks on Sunday will all be in Mandarin. Full talk times are as follows:

English Talk Session (Saturday - 2 March 2019) 1. 10 Things A First Time Home Buyer Must Know! By Charles Tan (1pm) 2. Why Is It the Best Time to Invest in Perth Now? By Dr Bay Yeo (2pm) 3. Why Should You Invest in A House Before Turning 30 By Chew Sang Hai (3pm)

Mandarin Talk Session (Sunday - 3 March 2019) 1. Top 5 Property Taxation Tips By Dato George Lim (1pm) 2. 3 Successful Property Investment Strategies By Dr Victor Gan (2pm)

The Home Ownership Campaign Expo 2019 is supported by Nippon Paint, Titanium, Maybank, Epost Express, All4One Productions, EJ Lux, Asia Plantation, i-Skill Dynamics as well as media partners ParentsAvenue, See Hua Daily News, Swhengtee Group and Daily Express.

Visit Home Ownership Campaign Expo 2019 at Dewan Foo Chow, 1-3 March and get a new home from the developers and exclusive deals, goodies and freebies from some of our partners. Make sure to lock in your dates and visit 2019's largest expo in Sabah, co-organized by SHAREDA and Property Hunter.

Find out more about the expo, including talk schedules, participating developers and offers on

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