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Propnex Sabah Reign in the New Year & Explore Attractive Investment Opportunities

At an auspicious night, held by Propnex Sabah, leading agency participants were joined by the Chief Executive Officer of Propnex Malaysia, Marcus Teng to celebrate their successes and explore attractive investment potentials in the state. It was a full house at the Propnex Sabah Chinese New Year and Annual Awards Presentation Dinner, held at the Hakka Hall here in Kota Kinabalu.

"Sabah has a growing economy and this growth is from a relatively low base. This translates to mean possibly exciting potentials and opportunities. The pillars of the Sabah economy including oil and gas, palm oil and tourism are basically solid. The ‘Sabah Maju Jaya’ development initiatives with a focus on agriculture, industry and tourism will hopefully be implemented well and this is a plus point." Marcus remarked during his dynamic speech at the dinner. 

"We at PropNex are confident and excited about the potentials of Sabah and are keen to explore these opportunities with our regional network of clients. The PropNex Group of real estate agents totals some 15,000 real estate professionals from Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam."

Left to right: Mr Victor Yong, Director of Property Hunter Malaysia; Ms Philomena Chai, Agency Leader of Propnex Sabah; Ms Yuki, Propnex Malaysia CFO; Mr Marcus Teng, CEO of Propnex Malaysia; Mr Stephen and Ms Carmen

He added, "We will focus on our West Malaysian and Singapore network first. West Malaysians too have the necessary capital and experience to invest here in Sabah. It is the same - when the West Malaysians invest here, jobs are created and spin-offs will benefit many on a multiplier effect basis. 

Compared to West Malaysia in general, Sabah’s economy is at a lower base and less saturated. This means growth potentials and less competition for entrepreneurs who venture here. Furthermore, the business environment and ways to do business are not dramatically different from West Malaysia.

Hence, all in all, Sabah can be a preferred choice for West Malaysian businessmen and for Sabah indeed the West Malaysian investors represent ‘low hanging fruits’ to harvest! However, as in all courtships, the ideal policies friendly to West Malaysian investors need to be put in place."

Marcus is on a fact-finding and familiarisation trip to Sabah together with Ms Yuki Wan, the Chief Marketing Officer of Propnex Malaysia. They visited key commercial and industrial areas including KKIP, Inanam, Lokawi and Kelombong. On the final leg of their fact-finding trip, they will check out and enjoy some tourist attractions as they head to Semporna to visit Pulau Mabul, Boheydulang, Pompom, Kapalai, Sibuan. 

In her short pre-dinner address, Ms Philomena Chai, Agency Leader of PropNex Sabah noted that the Chinese New Year Dinner and Annual Awards Presentation Dinner ushering in the Year of the Tiger is even more joyous given that the Agency recently won the Best Real Estate Agency for the Residential Sector and also REN (Real Estate Negotiator) of the Year for Sabah Awards in a national competition conducted by the  Malaysian Institute of Estate Agents. 

PropNex Sabah emphasises training and extensive use of digital convenience in ensuring good quality professional real estate services. There are plans to add on to their existing one hundred plus real estate negotiators team. Those keen to explore a professional career in a real estate agency may contact 016-833 8887.

Left to right: Mr Marcus Teng, CEO of Propnex Malaysia; Ms Yuki, Propnex Malaysia CFO; Ms Philomena Chai, Agency Leader of Propnex Sabah; Mr Stephen; Mr Victor Yong, Director of Property Hunter Malaysia and Ms Bernice

Property Hunter is a working partner of Propnex Sabah to promote agent listings and it looks forward to a collaborative year ahead!

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