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Looking for Homes Under RM350,000? Boarding Bonanza Coming Your Way

All aboard Boarding Bonanza! For one week only, Property Hunter will be taken over by Boarding Bonanza, a virtual campaign featuring four new property projects in Sabah under RM350,000. 

The four projects under the spotlight will cater to those looking for affordable housing in and around Kota Kinabalu, specially selected for first time home buyers. It will be the first campaign of a series that will have its own theme each time so if this type of home is right for you, be sure to visit on 24th - 30th November 2022. 

Buying your first home is exciting but it can also be daunting. There are a lot of new terms and jargon that will take some getting used to. 

Property Hunter has an abundance of first time home buyer guides so before Boarding Bonanza starts, check out the guide “What Are the Legal Steps to Purchase a Home in Malaysia?” to get you started. It’ll get you familiar with terms like Memorandum of Transfer (MOT) and SPA, SNP or S&P.

Before you go, make sure to set your calendar for 24th November!

You can register here to get notified once the campaign starts:

Now, here’s a sneak peek of the four projects that will be in Boarding Bonanza.

1. Taman Jelita, Tuaran

Just a 5-minute drive from essential necessities and popular dining destinations, this 3-bedroom modern home offers you a fully optimized experience. Taman Jelita is a quality home built with the aim to achieve every homebuyer’s dream. 

Not to forget, Taman Jelita is located in a flood free area.

View Taman Jelita property

2. Vetro11, Kota Kinabalu

Neighbouring Queen Elizabeth 1 hospital, Vetro11 is designed with a classic interior and spacious layout making it worth the investment. This 18 storey building includes retail outlets, commercial suites, rooftop facilities and 2 floors of hotel suites.

View Vetro11 property

3. Residensi Acacia, Menggatal

This 4-storey apartment is your guide to the perfect location for couples who are just starting a family. Connecting you to schools from toddlers to teens, Acacia takes the safety off your worries as the Menggatal police station is just a 4-minute drive away.

View Residensi Acacia property

4. Alam Pesona, Putatan

Alam Pesona offers you a choice of affordable luxurious living. Accompanied with top tier facilities such as a movie theatre, karaoke room, yoga studio, fitness suite, swimming pool, and an eco deck, Alam Persona makes sure to provide a 3-tier security system as well. 

View Alam Pesona property

Register your interest in Boarding Bonanza to get notified on 24th November:

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