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How to Eliminate Cockroaches From Your Home

Sometimes setting up numerous traps, buying tons of sprays may not be enough to eliminate pests such as cockroaches from your home. These home invaders often appear in your kitchen, bathroom, and even the crevices of your home. 

Not only does its name give you the chills, but it can also give you allergies and cholera if not eliminated quickly. 

Here are a few ways you could eliminate (permanently) cockroaches from your home:

1. Keep Your Kitchen Clean

Cockroaches often start appearing in your kitchen as they are attracted to anything sweet and greasy. They’ll eventually start expanding in the dark and unreachable areas of your home, so if you see one or two, there are probably more cockroaches waiting. 

Do make sure your kitchen is left clean and sweets and all kinds of food are kept out of reach of pests before calling it a night.

2. Lemon Water

Just as lemon water helps you detox and cures your sore throat, it can also help you bid goodbye to those annoying cockroaches. Just a squeeze of a lemon or a spray of  lemon water will help you do the trick. All you have to do is rub some lemon juice on your counter or mix some juice with water and spray in all the dark and deepest areas of your home.

Its citrus smell will get rid of these unwelcome guests in no time. Lemon also works as a natural disinfectant, so on top being clean your kitchen will be smelling fresh as lemons.

3. Baking Soda+Sugar

Although sugar may be cockroaches’ love, baking soda is not. This mixture can be easily found in your kitchen and is very easy to make. 

Place this mixture in the area you’d find most attractive to these pests and let them have a “treat”. Once consumed by them, the baking soda will release some toxic glasses causing the cockroaches to burst. 

4. Bay Leaves

This herb may not be in your everyday kitchen. If you don’t have it in hand, you can easily find it at your nearest grocery store. Bay leaves carry this strong smell that makes them repulsive to cockroaches. All it takes is the scatter of some leaves in areas the pests most appear. 

You can even place a few leaves in tea bags and hang them under the sink or in kitchen cabinets, but make sure to change the leaves once the smell wears out to avoid the cockroaches from making their way back into your home.

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