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WSG Group Launches New Double-Storey Terrace Housing Project - ParkLand City in Benoni, Papar.

The WSG Group, led by the well-known developer Datuk. Susan Wong Siew Guen, has launched the highly anticipated ParkLand Villa @ Benoni in Papar.

The double-storey terrace house development Parkland Gardens is located in the centre of ParkLand City. Buyers can be exempted from government transfer stamp duty and housing loan contract stamp duty. Under the 1st Time Homebuyer plan, buyers may also receive a subsidy of RM30,000 under regulations.

Datuk. Susan Wong Siew Guen is the daughter of the late Sabah real estate player Datuk Seri Panglima Dr. Wong Kwok. For 40 years, she has followed her fathers footsteps in the developer industry and has achieved admirable achievements. She also served as the president of Sabah Real Estate Developers Association from 2008 to 2012.

After the visionary Susan Wong achieved brilliant results in the state capital, she expanded her business to Kinarut and Papar, the suburbs of Kota Kinabalu. 10 years ago, she bought 100 acres of land next to the Pan Borneo Highway in Kampong Benoni in Papar and implemented a huge satellite town development plan.

The satellite town plan includes the Benoni Commercial Centre and Benoni Garden Apartments covering an area of 40 acres and the Benoni Commercial City covering an area of 60 acres, including the Benoni Garden and Benoni Apartments.

Susan Wong reveals that the plan for 180 shops the Benoni Commercial Centre and 230 apartments in Benoni Garden has been implemented and the shops are booming, the apartment block A has been occupied and the block B will be completed next year.

The 90 double-storey terrace houses are designed by famous designers in the first phase of Benoni Garden. It has a modern appearance that is comfortable and livable. Each middle terrace house comes with 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, is 2060 square feet and starts at RM490,000. The corner units come with 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms and start from Rm740,000 with 2530 square feet. The land lease is also 999 years which Susan Wong thanked the state government for.

“We expect after the implementation of the Pan Borneo Highway, the journey from Papar to and from Kota Kinabalu can be shortened by 30 minutes. With such a good location, the price of the property will definitely double within the next 10 years.” She said.

Susan Wong urges those interested in buying a home or investing in real estate to seize the opportunity to call (088-910223/088-751888/088-269980), Mieren (013-4358067) or Mary (012-8252782) for details and order.

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