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All the Current Affordable Homes in Sabah

Last night Elson Kho from Property Hunter, Caroline Yong from Hap Seng and Joel Low from IQI (otherwise now known as "the happy property trio") came together for a monthly live discussion on the current real estate market in Malaysia. 

The topic of the night was on new and subsale affordable housing where they announced new projects launching in Kota Kinabalu, what kind of sub-sale property makes a good buy and other politics and news updates. 

The Happy Property Trio joined by sponsors Daikin, V Magic, Ms.Susan and All4One Productions.

News updates

They kicked off the show with some initial news updates on the current happenings in Sabah. Watch the full video for more detail and resource information on these announcements. 

  1. Malaysia is one of the top 5 countries in the world to recover the fastest from the economic downfall of the global COVID-19 pandemic

  2. The Sembulan rive facelift in KK city centre which will spur further economic activity 

  3. The RM10 billion project in Putatan 

  4. The closing of Foh Sang car park 

No politics at the dinner table!

The happy trio touched on the announcement of the Sabah state election on 26 September. They discussed the impact of the election on real estate and subscale properties at 21:11 minutes. 

What is considered an affordable home?

Many factors affect affordability including personal financial status, location and type of property. For the purpose, of last nights discussion, the trio discussed properties between the price range of RM300,000 and RM500,000. 



As well as what makes a good buy, the conversation was initiated in the comments to discuss how the ending of the loan moratorium has affected everyone. You can comment your thoughts in the comment section as well. 


The session was held at the Daikin Proshop studio and was sponsored by V Magic, wine supporter, Ms. Susan and Ken from All4One.


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