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How to Manage Your Homes After MCO

Even as Malaysia slowly shifts back into gear in the age of the new norm, we have to be vigilant and take the necessary precautions to ensure a new spike Covid-19 cases doesn’t happen. Since we spend most of our time at home, we need to make sure it is virus-free. Here are a few ways you can keep it free of Covid-19.  

Disinfecting homes

Disinfecting and cleaning high-contact surfaces are essential when it comes to lowering the risk of infection. High contact surfaces are basically anything you touch and frequently use such as doorknobs, tables, chairs, handrails, sinks, keyboards and gadgets like handphones.

Clean these surfaces regularly. Start with soap and water for the non-electronic items. Then use a disinfectant with approximately 70% alcohol. If it is difficult to find disinfectants or wipes, you can use diluted household bleach. Be sure to take precautions and follow the instructions.

Natural lighting and ventilation

Poor ventilation in confined indoor spaces is associated with increased transmission of respiratory infections. And in recent cases, there were numerous Covid-19 transmission events related to closed spaces.

Proper ventilation allows fresh air in and removes stale air from enclosed spaces, which should help lower the risk of infection. Hence, it is wise to ensure that the confined spaces in your home have good ventilation. 

Wipe down windows to allow natural lighting through. Sunlight can help the human body produce vitamin D as well as kill viruses and bacteria. A clean environment will also promote good health.


Wash towels, bedsheets, and clothes regularly. When using a washing machine, use the warmest water setting and dry on the highest setting. This ensures that microbes are eliminated. 

Many of us are guilty of heaping dirty laundry in our rooms. Avoid doing this as you might have unknowingly come into contact with someone who is an asymptomatic carrier of Covid-19 while going about your day. Put your clothes for wash as soon as you get home to lower the risk of getting infected.

Home deliveries

When ordering food online, opt for the cashless payment or ask the delivery service to leave the food at your doorstep or a side table you have prepared. It reduces the risk of contact between one another. Wear a mask if you have to meet the deliverer.

The food should be taken out of the disposable containers and reheated. Discard the containers and plastic bags as well.

With the ongoing pandemic, shopping online has increased in frequency. When receiving parcels, it is best to sanitize them before bringing it into your home. This will ensure that the surfaces of the parcels are disinfected, thus lowering the risk of infection at home. 

Working out

If you do happen to go to the gym, wash your clothes immediately after you return and avoid sitting around till after you’ve showered. Make sure you sanitize the equipment before and after usage. Bring along your own towel and water bottle. 

If possible, try to minimize the time you spend at the gym as we still need to take proactive measures to stop the spread of Covid-19. Adhere to the standard of procedures recommended when using the gym. 

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