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Conduct Background Checks on Your Potential Tenants With Verity Plus Online

Landlord-tenant relationships usually turn sour when there are damages to the property, theft of assets, delayed rental payments and to a certain extent, criminal activities on the premises. Landlords are concerned that such a bad track record may affect the market price of the property for future tenancy. They feel the need to be sure who they welcome into their homes.

Realizing the society's need for quick background checks, Verity Intelligence Sdn Bhd, a leading background screening and verification company in Malaysia and Singapore, launched Verity Plus Online - a first-of-its-kind service in Malaysia that helps local consumers to quickly verify whether their potential suppliers or vendors are legit via a simple online system.

Founder, Mark Leow developed the Verity Plus Online platform to help make Malaysia a better and safer place. "We regularly see reports in the media about Internet scams, identity thefts, children abuse at daycare centres and more recently, news about professionals with fake credentials. By launching VPO, we allow corporates and individuals to run background checks on people easily at an affordable rate starting from RM140," he said.

The company that was established in 2010 has served more than 500 clients and screened more than 100,000 individuals. From this number, 90% of all background screenings were done by employers to verify their future employees.

This platform, fully developed by Malaysians, can assist mothers to check on the background of daycare centres to ensure the safety of their children while being cared for by babysitters. It also helps SMEs to screen potential employees and for homeowners to verify their future tenants. These background checks include verifying a person's identity, criminality and integrity, credit defaults, information on past or ongoing civil litigations and other critical integrity checks.

With Verity Plus Online, individuals may also conduct self-checks. As a job seeker, a background verification enhances one's credibility as a potential employee. It is also important for individuals to assess their personal financial records in the events of the possibility of identity thefts. To give users peace of mind, Verity Plus Online complies to the Malaysian Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (PDPA) and offers turnaround time for any reports from as soon as 1 to 5 business days.

For large corporate clients, Verity Intelligence is trusted by more than 800 companies in Malaysia and Singapore and offers customised background screening solutions to meet every company's differing and intensive requirements. Visit their website at

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