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More High-Rises Inevitable
Sabah News
Daily Express, 12 Sep 18
clock 12-09-2018
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Effective management of apartments and condos is going to present a "very big challenge" as more high rise properties are inevitable when buildings are going higher and higher, said Tan Yau Leng, Chairman of Subsidiary Titles Owners and Purchasers Association Sabah at its 9th Seminar themed "Property Management: Discover the Truth", held at the Sabah Golf and Country Club.

"Having said that, our Property Management industry will need a good number of qualified condo managers or middle managers to effectively take care of our condos and to create a healthy and harmonious environment for the residents," Tan said.

Tan thanked speakers Robert New and Ken Lo who spoke on "Roles and Responsibilities of Management Corporations and Property Managers" and "Property Management Exposed" respectively.

"Part of STOPS' objective is to create awareness among subsidiary owners and purchasers to gain some basic knowledge and the proper and effective method of 'running your condos," he said.

"We hope this awareness will also reach out to all the concerned parties such as the State Government, Local Authorities, Professional Bodies, Developers, Purchasers, Property Managers and the Management Corporations," Tan added.

"We know that this is a very big challenge, as it involves a lot of 'Human Interaction' or what we call 'Human Management.' "But if everyone has the same objective and the same purpose, STOPS believe that this industry will be on the right track," Tan said.

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