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Singapore Leads Outbound APAC Investment - CBRE
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RETalk Asia, 10 Sep 18
clock 10-09-2018
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According to CBRE's latest infographic, Asia Pacific's outbound investment trends are being led by Singapore.

CBRE Executive Director for Capital Markets Asia says "Intra-Asian capital flows accounted for almost one-third of all global investments made by Asian capital."

Asian outbound capital deployment has maintained a robust position amid a recent slowdown of Chinese outbound real estate investment. The first half of 2018 reveals outbound investment activity which totalled USD $25.43 billion, led by Singaporean capital, which accounted for 36% of the region's total, according to recent data compiled by CBRE.

Singaporean groups accounted for 36% of this total. Meanwhile, Europe attracted the largest portion of Asian capital through numerous big-ticket transactions and portfolio deals which were completed during the period.

Property companies happened to be the most active investor type, with major transactions including the purchase of a large logistics portfolio by a Singaporean property company for USD $2.3 billion.

Chinese investors, on the other hand, are buying less and selling more, as several Chinese groups dispose of properties in the US and Europe, either for the improvement of their balance sheets or to lock in profits from earlier investments.

Singaporean investors favoured Europe as a location for portfolio diversification. In the first half of 2018 alone, groups had invested a total of USD $3.4 billion. Concurrently, Singaporean investors were also active in the U.S logistics sector, building a portfolio of approximately USD $2.27 billion during the period.

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