clock 13-06-2017
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Build an Iconic Landmark to Mark Putatan

PAS Putatan Youth proposed that an iconic landmark be built in Putatan to uplift the district's profile and appeal.

In a statement on Saturday, June 10, spokesman Asrul Samat said the landmark could also highlight Putatan's uniqueness just like Kundasang with its iconic cabbage monument as the district is famed for its fresh vegetables, the gambus in the Bongawan roundabout and many other districts with their own unique characteristics.

"Putatan is growing rapidly in all aspects, including infrastructure, economy and tourism.

Now, Putatan has become one of the preferred tourist destinations as well as the main entry points to Kota Kinabalu," he said.

The district, he said, has a big potential to become a developed town in the future with a unique characteristic to differentiate it from other districts in the State.

Kingfisher Putatan Condominium by Hap Seng Land will be a turning point in the transformation of Putatan into a more trendy and diverse residential neighbourhood in line with its expanding role as a modern transportation and commercial hub.

Hap Seng is committed in its effort to elevate Putatan to the next level and make it into a more matured investment destination.

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