Kalimantan Road Link Overdue
Sabah’s trade with Indonesia has enjoyed surpluses except in 2012 and 2013. There is an urgent need to have proper road connectivity between Sabah a...
clock 4d ago

Jakarta May No Longer Be Indonesia's Capital by 2021
Indonesian government executives have renewed longstanding talks of moving the seat of government from congested Jakarta to another island entirely. The...
clock 26-06-2018

Final Link to the Huge Borneo Market
On the North Kalimantan-Sabah border, near Tawau town, is a 35km semi-logging road that is the missing link in the Borneo highway loop. The rugged road,...
clock 11-12-2017

Kalimantan Awaits Highway Spin-Offs
Kota Kinabalu: Indonesians, especially in Kalimantan, can look forward to the completion of the Pan Borneo Highway, said Indonesian Consul-General to Kota ...
clock 735d ago

Potential for Tawau to Become Economic Powerhouse
The booming economy in North Kalimantan should not be overlooked by Sabah entrepreneurs keen on diversifying their economic portfolio as well as seeking ne...
clock 07-08-2017

Bridging Indonesia and Malaysia Through Pan-Borneo Highway
A network of new roads, including the Pan-Borneo Highway, is set to make Borneo Island the new emerging market in Asean. A think-tank, Society Empowerment ...
clock 07-08-2017

Sabah Needs to Integrate Economy With Kalimantan
Abdul Rahman said it is time for Sabah to stop looking at the peninsula as an economic umbilical cord but strengthen economic cooperation with regional are...
clock 19-06-2017

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