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clock 07-08-2017
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Potential for Tawau to Become Economic Powerhouse

The booming economy in North Kalimantan should not be overlooked by Sabah entrepreneurs keen on diversifying their economic portfolio as well as seeking new markets.

The Society Empowerment & Economic Development of Sabah (SEEDS) reckons that Kalimantan, given its geographical location, could become a major trading partner for the State.

"As Sabah moves towards diversification, there is a need to identify new emerging markets within ASEAN countries and considering that North Kalimantan is close to Sabah, it is only natural to look towards that direction" said Badil Zaman, the SEEDS chairman.

"As an economic portfolio, and the fact that its economy is booming, the need to further explore market potentials in North Kalimantan is essential" said Badil, adding that with the construction of the Pan Borneo Highway and the progress of the Trans Kalimantan Highway, the feasibility of doing business in Borneo Island would soon change drastically.

He pointed out that major cities and towns in Sarawak and Sabah and the rest of Kalimantan will be more connected than ever before, as both highways can be the catalyst for economic growth in Borneo.

"It will certainly induce development along the corridor and will become a new growth cluster" he said suggesting that Tawau being strategically located close to North Kalimantan has huge potential in becoming an economic powerhouse within Borneo.”

Badil said Tawau should start preparing now so that it can position itself as a central economic hub linking Sabah with the rest of Kalimantan.

In view of this, SEEDS together with the Chinese Chamber of Commerce Tawau (CCCT) will be organizing a seminar and roundtable discussion on "Market Potentials in North Kalimantan”, this Sunday (August 6) at UTC Pasar Tanjung Tawau.

The main objectives of the program are as follows:

1. To provide information to business communities in Tawau on market potentials in North Kalimantan. For this purpose, representatives from North Kalimantan will deliver a talk on the subject.

2. To identify issues, concerns and challenges of business communities in exploring business opportunities in North Kalimantan. The roundtable discussion will serve as a platform for participants to share their opinions and recommendations for future actions.

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