500 Sandakan Villagers Made Homeless by Fire
34 Sandakan homes were destroyed by a fire that spread early this past Sunday in Kampung Air, Bokara. One victim suffered burns on five percent of his body...
clock 19-03-2019

Another Squatter Fire on Controversial Land
Another major fire involving squatters has broken out in Sabah, this time in Keningau, destroying 11 houses and leaving about 100 people homeless. The ...
clock 06-08-2018

Darau Site Identified for Fire Victims
The State Government has identified a site in Darau, Manggatal, to resettle some 783 fire victims of Kg Cenderamata 2, Likas, who were made homeless when f...
clock 30-07-2018

Donate to 1000 Homeless After Unforgiving Fire
More than 100 housing units were destroyed in a blaze in Kampung Cenderamata 2, Likas leaving more than 1,000 villagers homeless on Tuesday afternoon (24 J...
clock 25-07-2018

Government to Manage Squatter Settlements in Sabah
A total of 1,133 people were left homeless after 147 houses were razed by fire at Kampung Gas, Batu Sapi (Sandakan) on Wednesday afternoon, 27 June. Loc...
clock 29-06-2018

Affordable Housing Solutions in Pipes, Containers and 3D Printers
A critical shortage of affordable housing across the world is triggering creative solutions from Hong Kong to El Salvador, in the form of modified pipes, c...
clock 04-06-2018

Families Fear Becoming Homeless After Excluded From Housing List
Five families living in Klang fear to become homeless if the government will not make good on its promise to replace their soon-to-be-demolished homes. ...
clock 15-03-2017

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