How Millennials Can Start Investing From as Low as RM100
With the average starting salary for fresh graduates in Malaysia ranging between RM2,300 to RM2,500 combined with the rising cost of living, it comes as no...
clock 27-06-2018

Investing in Property – a MUST for Young Adults?
If you are aged between 18 and 34, then you are categorised as millennials, also known as Gen Y. At this age, it is a good time to consider investing in pr...
clock 15-01-2018

Multipurpose Dam to Solve Tawau’s Water Supply, Flood Problems
Tawau residents will receive 209 million litres per day of raw water supply when Phase Three of the Tawau Water Supply Scheme comprising the construction o...
clock 11-01-2018

SESB Assures on Better Electricity Supply for Sabah, Labuan
Sabah Electricity Sdn Bhd (SESB) assured consumers of its continued commitment in providing electricity in Sabah and Labuan, with the support and assistanc...
clock 06-01-2018

KK Houses Too Expensive? Really?
House ownership among the young generation is an issue of heated debate that needs to be addressed. Some are saying that property prices in Kota Kinabalu a...
clock 02-10-2017

Younger Generation Among Biggest Bankrupts
The younger generation is among the biggest number of bankrupts in this district, said Head of the Tawau Department of Insolvency Mohaidy Tabin. He said...
clock 1464d ago

Hap Seng Plantation’s Sabah Estates Record Decent Yield From Good Weather, Labour
Hap Seng Plantations Holdings Bhd's (HSP) prospects have been viewed positively by analysts, driven by better prospects from its Sabah estates. Followin...
clock 02-09-2017

Dual Generation Home Loans Are Not Advisable
A veteran property expert has called on parents to refrain from taking dual-generation home loans as it would only "enslave” their children, reported...
clock 16-08-2017

Families Fear Becoming Homeless After Excluded From Housing List
Five families living in Klang fear to become homeless if the government will not make good on its promise to replace their soon-to-be-demolished homes. ...
clock 15-03-2017

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