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PropNex Sabah to Soar the Skies in Dragon Year 2024

PropNex Sabah recently hosted its 3rd Annual Chinese New Year & Awards Presentation Dinner at a prominent resort hotel in Kota Kinabalu.

The spirited and colourful event celebrated their hopping success in the past year of the Rabbit. The event was graced by Sr Stephennie Wong, Chairlady of MIEA Sabah Branch. Sr Stephennie Wong in her speech emphasised that real estate agents play a pivotal role in driving economic growth and development in a developing economy such as Sabah. They create numerous job opportunities, stimulate spinoffs in other sectors, and contribute to the overall economic prosperity of the state.

During her welcoming speech, Ms Philomena Chai, Agency Leader, congratulated and thanked the PropNex Team for their exceptional performance in 2023. She also remarked on the importance of expediting the implementation of the Sabah-MM2H program, stating, "We appeal to the authorities to expedite the implementation of the Sabah-MM2H program. The program holds immense potential for the ordinary citizens, from job opportunities to petty trade possibilities, as well as for the business community, including real estate developers. We eagerly await the actual roll-out of the program, complete with well-thought-out and appealing details. The benefits of embracing global migration have been proven to boost economic success for our citizens."

Philo further highlighted the competitive landscape, stating, "However, it is essential to acknowledge that the pursuit of growth and investment inflows through long-term visa programs is not exclusive to Sabah. Regional countries and states like Thailand, Indonesia, and Sarawak have already launched their long-term visa programs and are reaping the rewards."

In Southeast Asia alone, numerous programs cater to individuals seeking long-term residency, including the Singapore Global Investor Program (GIP), Thailand Elite Residence, and Indonesia/Bali Retirement Visa. Although requirements, visa lengths, and benefits may vary, all aim to attract investments from potential applicants. Regarding Sabah, Ms Chai emphasized the unique selling points (USPs) for applicants from China, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, India, Pakistan, and Singapore. These USPs include robust infrastructure, top-notch medical facilities, breathtaking natural attractions, linguistic familiarity, historical ties, and various other appealing features.

Meanwhile, Sr Stephennie Wong followed up on the Sabah-MM2H programme highlighted earlier stating, “I would like to highlight here that The Sabah-MM2H program, a long-term visa scheme, which allows foreigners to live, work, and invest in Malaysia is indeed an important initiative of the government. This program, when complemented by the offerings of the real estate sector, becomes a powerful catalyst for economic growth.

PropNex Sabah, a leading Real Estate Agency, proudly clinched the prestigious "State Real Estate Firm of the Year" award for 2023. Additionally, at the National Real Estate Agency (NREA) 2023 Awards, PropNex Sabah secured a remarkable four other accolades, including "State Residential Real Estate Firm of the Year," "State Industrial Real Estate Firm of the Year," "State Residential REN of the Year," and "State REN of the Year."

About PropNex Sabah:
* PropNex Sabah is a prominent Real Estate Agency known for its excellence in the industry. With a strong track record of success, the agency continues to provide trusted services and opportunities in the Sabah market.

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