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IKON @ Centrio Spearheads Business Activities in Seremban 2

Every single aspect in a township serves a purpose. They collectively interconnect to form an invisible web that channels benefit to the residents living within.

One of the main commercial elements, for example, leans heavily from the residential component within the township as well as from its surroundings as the population size determines the demand for the supply. 

On the other hand, it provides residents with a ready resource of food and beverages, and a wide choice of conveniences to supplement their daily needs.

This is a basic but vital principle that the latest development, IKON @ Centrio, embodies to the letter. Hence it is unsurprising that IKON @ Centrio marks the next stage of the highly successful commercial advancement in Seremban 2. 

IKON @ Centrio spearheads business activities In Seremban 2

Chain coffee houses shall bloom within the development, such as Starbucks and Coffee Bean, creating a nice cosy spot for one to sip a hot beverage as they while the time away. 

Fast-food restaurants like MCDonald's, KFC, Pizza Hut, Dominoes and A&W are also nearby the area, so this will be beneficial for those who need a quick bite.

Not forgetting the luxurious array of oriental cuisines that is bound to delight the gastronomic explorers, ranging from Korean, Japanese to Thai. 

Food is not the only element that bears mention here. The foreseeable future could see a wide range of facilities in IKON @ Centrio, from clinics, dental care, car grooming, education centres to financial institutions.

The presence of all these conveniences makes IKON @ Centrio a great synergy with the estimated growing population of 60,000 in Seremban 2 and Seremban 2 Heights, not forgetting the 100,000 plus population from the surrounding neighbourhood. 

This surplus of people is bound to provide ample business opportunities for the commercial units there. Feasibility studies showed a population with strong purchasing power, suggesting their ability to demand various business services.

Seremban 2’s latest commercial project saw over 85% of its units sold during its sales event


The catchment of people shall trigger a trickle-down effect that benefits everyone in the neighbourhood. Job opportunities bloom in the commercial zone, drawing in migration to further raise the demand for products and services.

A higher residential occupancy rate is bound to increase the rate of capital appreciation and the rental yield on nearby properties due to the need for additional housing. 

This is yet another nudge for property investors to invest in the thriving microcosm that is IKON @ Centrio.

Features worthy of the top commercial players

Spanning across a total of 26.8 acres of land, IKON @ Centrio is composed of two to three-storeyed lifestyle shops, with 125 units for phase 1 at 11.3 acres. The development registers at an estimated gross development value of RM206,177,180.

To facilitate the differing needs and requirements of business owners, four variations have been provided with built-ups ranging from 3,537 to 7,305 sq ft. There are various types which include 2 storey, 2.5 storey and selected corner units which are 3 storey, and also the choice of double frontage.

Further on, selected corner units are three-storeyed to cater for corporate offices or as open terraces for food and beverages and dining. As for the end lots, these are specially designed for the alfresco dining concept.

Towards the front, a 24 ft wide entrance improves the product display's visibility while providing ample space for utilisation. The layouts are meticulously designed to promote functionality, maximising space for business activities. 

Wide glass panels usher in natural lighting while contemporary elements blend with the built design to create a conducive environment that is simultaneously modern and easily accessible to shoppers.

On to the location, the development has been thoughtfully built, occupying a central position within the township to boost visibility to visitors and residents alike. 

Borrowing strength from the well-planned township, IKON @ Centrio benefits from the six-lane dual carriageway that branches out into a network of roads. These links to all township sectors greatly facilitate the flow of movement.

Speaking of connectivity, IKON @ Centrio is well linked to the North-South, ELITE and LEKAS Highway, hence the capital of Malaysia is less than an hour’s drive away. Toll-free roads also connect directly to KLIA and KLIA 2, granting residents unparalleled access to other parts of the country and even transcending to the international level.

Shop in a blissful environment encapsulated by nature

Poised within the township of Seremban 2, IKON @ Centrio sits nearby to the 15-acres City Park, which presents an endearingly quaint, country atmosphere. After a day’s worth of work, feasting and shopping, one could relax and unwind by taking a leisurely stroll across the lush and vibrant landscape.

Be enthralled by the wealth of community-friendly facilities distributed within the area, purposefully chosen to fulfil your recreational needs. A cool four-acre lake forms the park's centrepiece and is undoubtedly an Instagram-worthy place for you and your loved ones.

Crowning the apex of Seremban 2 is the 30 acres Hill Park which hosts a mini dinosaur-themed playing area, just the place for families with children to relax and be entertained.

Those interested in a strenuous workout can check out Kepayang Hill, a renowned hiking trail among trekking enthusiasts. If the outdoors is not your style, then head inside the S2 Club, a community themed recreational club and sports complex that is bound to entertain. 

Besides the natural splendour and ample facilities, the township itself brims with potential. Seremban 2 is earmarked for many other progressive developments. The population is bound to increase in tandem with these future projects, pointing towards the possibility of higher traffic and positive potential return.

As can be observed, there are more than meets the eyes where IKON @ Centrio is concerned. 

With all the great ideas already in the plan, it is bound to evoke the joy of carefree shopping in a haven of choice conveniences.

For more information on IKON @ Centrio, please visit here or call 1800 222 456.

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