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IJM Land's Latest Affordable Development Aimed at First Homebuyers

IJM Land’s Rimbun Aman offering affordable and comfortable single-storey terraced homes for first-time homebuyers looking to build a comfortable abode. 

Buying a property especially for first-time homebuyers can be a daunting task, where multiple considerations need to be taken into account before making a huge decision on such a huge-ticket item. Now with the ongoing pandemic, this has further exacerbated the homebuyer’s doubts in buying a house due to the highly uncertain times that we are facing - causing difficulties to make informed decisions. Understanding the current predicament faced by the community, leading property developer, IJM Land Berhad recently launched its latest affordable housing development, Rimbun Aman in Seremban 2 Heights that suits the requirements of home buyers that come as a complete package.

Built on 42-acre land with a total GDV of RM125 million, Rimbun Aman offers 304 units of freehold single-storey terrace houses sold from RM350,000. In the hopes to ease the burden of homebuyers, especially those buying their first property, Rimbun Aman is made affordable for young modern families and empty nesters to acquire their desired home that comes with practical space and comfort, secured in a close-knit neighbourhood.

Dato’ Hoo Kim See, Senior General Manager of IJM Land Berhad shared that Rimbun Aman achieved a promising take-up rate within two days of launch and is looking forward to welcoming families to a township where it has all the required amenities and facilities - the perfect choice for the modern family to start creating memories.

“In Rimbun Aman, residents can enjoy the benefits of living in an award-winning, well-planned township. This highly sought-after development is a good offering not because of its affordability, but because of the value that we know it will bring in the future especially with the matured facilities and amenities that we have surrounding this development,” said Dato’ Hoo.

“A person’s quest to find their desired home will never stop, and people will always be on the lookout for a property they can call their own. However, we know that the never-ending announcements of MCOs can make it difficult for homebuyers to commit to such a high-value item, especially when they need their savings for other commitments. Therefore, we want to help homebuyers, particularly young families, to find their dream home without having to break the bank.”

Strategically located in the thriving township of Seremban 2 (a self-contained award-winning township offering modern amenities and convenience of a city while maintaining the tranquillity of a country ambiance), Rimbun Aman offers convenience at its best with easy access to medical and healthcare centers, educational facilities for families with children, commercial centers and shopping malls that are a stone’s throw away to get your daily essentials - all located in a conducive environment.

Additionally, the development is surrounded with significant amenities such as the S2 Club to keep the community healthy and fit, 30-acre Hill Park and 15-acre City Park for a needed family bonding, and not forgetting Kepayang Hill, a renowned hiking trail amongst hill-climbing enthusiasts.

Those commuting daily to Kuala Lumpur will find they are able to do so with ease now, as Seremban’s enhanced connectivity allows residents to connect through various external main roads and direct access to North-South Highway through Seremban toll plaza. With a toll-free road connecting directly to KLIA and KLIA2, driving will only take up to about 45 minutes, giving people less time on the road and more convenience.

Proving they have their community at heart and wanting to provide them a relief, upon purchasing the development, buyers will have zero entry cost to bear, as all entry costs such as legal fees, stamp duty on SPA and loan will be borne by IJM Land. In addition to that, IJM Land will also provide a monthly payout package where homebuyers will be awarded RM500 on a monthly basis from the subsequent month of the first drawdown from financier until the month of the notice to take vacant possession of the unit - giving potential buyers the opportunity to have a home of their own without having to worry about the burden.

“Having a dream home will always be on every person’s thoughts, be it if they are with family or on their own. We know how this pandemic has affected many, yet we do not want them to lose out on the opportunity to have their own home. As such, IJM Land is determined to help out these homebuyers no matter what it takes for them to have the opportunity to start a new chapter, build a comfortable life and have a peace of mind.

“We are here to continuously support our community and we believe a little help goes a long way,” concluded Dato’ Hoo.

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