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Alfred Vun Finds His Passion in Real Estate

Having come from an IT background, Alfred Vun from Azmi & Co decided being in real estate is where he wanted to be. Here’s his story.

How long have you been in real estate and what is your background?

I’ve been a Real Estate Negotiator(REN) for 7 years now. I came from a normal family, graduated with (Hons) Bachelor of Business IT. After I graduated, I started working as Trainer cum System Support in an IT company. Later on, I chose to start my entrepreneurship in the Life Assurance & Unit Trust Industry.

In 2014, I met my manager Mr. Kenneth Yew, who remains to be my manager until today, invited and guided me in the Real Estate Industry.

What made you want to be in real estate?

The real estate industry has been my interest even before 2014, just that I didn't know how and who could guide me in the industry involving a hundred thousand ringgit deal which was my major fear, as I have never handled this much deal before.

The demand for housing is increasing and there is always a lack of REN or manpower in the market to serve the needs.

I think this industry is very suitable for me because my character belongs to the S model in the DISC assessment, which means I’m able to perform better in the line of service.

Apart from the opportunity to make a good income in Real Estate, networking is one of the important factors in a successful career. This industry allows me to expand my network of contacts on a faster path. 

What are some of the proudest moments in your real estate career?

Thanks to the guidance from my manager Mr. Kenneth Yew from the beginning. I could not have survived in the industry, as the first few years were the toughest years to start a new career due to different obstacles.

However, I'm proud to be part of the team today and able to assist newcomers who have no experience at all.

I was also given the opportunity to become the Person In Charge(PIC) of New Projects - handling projects and connecting developers.

I’m thankful to Azmi & Co management, especially Mr Wong Chaw Kok & Ms Cyndi Liu, for providing Azmianz an agency portal and their great support allowing REN to work more effectively and efficiently.

Not to forget, the management also appreciates the effort of REN through awards and recognition.

During my first year with Azmi & Co (Sabah) Sdn Bhd, I managed to achieve STAR Awards 2022 which has been the proof of the result of my hard work over the past years. With the appreciation and encouragement from the management, REN would be able to re-energize and work hard towards our mutual goal.

If you could go back in time, what do you wish you knew about the industry sooner?

I strongly believe this is the industry that I want to start my career with.

How I wish I had the opportunity to start this career as young as I could after graduating... and also start my property investment earlier with all the knowledge acquired. I regret starting late. Someone once told me not to invest in property in which I listened.

What is the worst real estate advice you ever heard?

“Don't invest in property, pricing will go down. The property market is in a depression or downturn.”

What is the best advice you could give a client or a friend in real estate?

Whether you’re buying property for your own stay or investment, the first thing to acquire is "Knowledge". We can avoid making the wrong decision or being misdirected by someone.

Property incurs debts of over hundreds of thousands ringgit, be prudent in the property purchase.

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