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Learn ‘The Secret to Building a High-Performing Team’ From Two of Malaysia’s Leading Agency Leaders

Property Hunter is organising another exciting event catered especially for those who are interested in growing and leading a real estate agency team of their own. 

The Secret To Building A High-Performing Team will be held on 23 August 2022 at Hotel 7 Event Hall, Suria Sabah. 

This event will feature two of Malaysia’s top agency leaders, Chen Tse Ping, Group Vice President of Juwai IQI and Yuki Wan, Chief Marketing Officer of Propnex Malaysia, who will share their experiences and leadership tips and skills. 

Chen Tse Ping, Group Vice President of Juwai IQI 

Chen comes from a long history of small businesses before he engaged in direct sales. He later joined the real estate industry and is now the group vice president and leads a team of more than 1,000 people consisting of many outstanding leaders. 

Chen, who is also the author of the Bestseller “做自己人生的设计师”, will speak on how to build an efficient team with unique skills. 

Yuki Wan, Chief Marketing Officer of Propnex Malaysia

Yuki also comes from a business background, where she used to run a beauty salon and expanded to 3 branches in a short period of time. She started to venture into real estate, however, she left due to certain factors. She then turned to run a tutoring centre, which has expanded to 6 branches and has more than 40 teachers. 

Later, with the encouragement of her husband, Yuki began to set foot in the real estate industry, and worked hard to learn and master real estate knowledge and culture. Yuki developed rapidly and successfully, making her way to the top three real estate agencies in Malaysia. 

Through her discerning eyes to identify leaders, her team has now produced many positive leaders. Yuki will be sharing how to seek potential leaders. 


Agents as well as agency leaders are encouraged to join this event to boost their leadership skills among their team. 

This event will be conducted in Mandarin. For further enquiries, you can contact Su Yee at 014-619 4898 or April at 013-852 2898 or head to to register.


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