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IJM Land Alleviates the Struggles of Underprivileged Families for a Riang Ria Raya

While the holy month of Ramadan is a much-awaited time for all Muslims globally, it is also a time for spiritual reflection and growth bringing families and friends together to celebrate an abundance of joy and bliss. IJM Land Berhad (IJM Land) - one of Malaysia’s leading property developer who constantly care for the Seremban community, is back with their annual Program Mesra Ramadan to ensure a fulfilling Ramadan and Raya celebration for those who have been impoverished and deprived financially by aiding them with daily necessities and cash relief.

IJM Land realised that there are individuals who may still be facing life challenges due to the pandemic while adapting to the new normal this Ramadan. In view of making a difference and easing the community’s concerns, IJM Land has identified five underprivileged families in Seremban who were in dire need of help. Boxes of kindness that include grocery items (rice, cooking oil, Raya cookies, Milo, etc.) worth RM300 and duit Raya of RM1,200 were contributed by IJM Land to ease their preparation for a more memorable and joyous Aidilfitri celebration.

Dato Hoo Kim See, Senior General Manager of IJM Land Berhad (Central Region) mentioned that they believe these small contributions could help to elevate the family’s livelihood and ease their financial stress, especially during the festive season. 

“Ramadan is no longer what it used to be, especially while our country is in a transition phase where most of us are still in recovery mode. To readjust ourselves in light of the current situation may not be as easy for some. As such, we at IJM Land are constantly striving to do our part in helping the less fortunate while making a difference in the lives of the most deserving,” said Dato Hoo.

Some of the beneficiaries of Program Mesra Ramadan include Mohd Zukhilal Bin Harun, 41, a restaurant worker with menial income who is also the breadwinner for a family of four, with one of his children suffering from Dyslexia (learning disability). Mastura Binti Abdul Rahim, a 55-year-old widow who sells palm oil for a living, currently suffers from diabetes and has recently had three of her toes amputated due to diabetes. Additionally, IJM Land also aided three other families: Kader Batcha Bin Abdul Karim, 56, a taxi driver and widower with four children; Hamidah Binti Md Ifa, a 45-year-old single mother who is struggling to support her daughter with an average of RM300 monthly income from selling kuih; Marni Binti Koi, a 34-year-old single mother whose daughter is also a recipient of IJM Land Preschool Subsidy Programme (October 2021 to March 2022), is deprived financially and currently renting a room, still continues to work hard as a store assistant to support herself and her daughter. 

“While most of our Muslim friends are looking forward to celebrating a more intimate Aidilfitri with their loved ones this year, there are still those who are unable to enjoy the festive season to their heart’s desire. At IJM Land, we are committed to assist the community to the best of our capabilities by giving them an unforgettable Riang Ria Raya celebration, at the same time letting them know that they are not alone during these hard times,” added Dato’ Hoo.

“We are blessed with this ability to help ease people’s burdens and we are more than delighted to be able to share this with the community - to always ensure that initiatives as such will not stop in the future.”

As one of the top property developers in Malaysia, IJM Land is dedicated to support and uplift the lives of the underprivileged community in Seremban as part of their Community Investment policy. Since 2018, IJM Land has been helping nearly 50 families to ease their financial burden during festive seasons through their charity programmes such as Deepavali Charity Cheer Programme, Chinese New Year Charity Programme, and Program Mesra Ramadan. With continued effort from the IJM Land team, more CSR programmes will be held along the way to better improve the lives of our community. 

For more information on the above initiative, please visit http://seremban2.ijmland.com/.

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