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Bay Suites as a Benchmark for Green Buildings in Sabah

With the increasingly prominent global ecological problems, people's demand for buildings and residences has also changed, and the concept of green buildings has been promoted and recognized. The so-called green buildings are also called ecological buildings or sustainable buildings. The rational use of energy reflects the concept of people-oriented and harmonious coexistence between man and nature.

The application of green architectural design to construction engineering is mainly manifested in advanced technology. And scientific planning to optimise and integrate various elements in construction projects. Realise low-carbon and environmentally friendly construction projects based on meeting various functions Requirements to achieve the harmonious development of man and nature.

Sabah's green building development pioneer Dato Chua Soon Ping is a leader in green building in the state. In addition to integrating green buildings into the 4 real estate development projects of his leading Remajaya Sdn Bhd, his other pioneering project is to combine advanced green and intelligence into one, promote green buildings with intelligence and promote green concepts. Green intelligence is the integration of technology, and its basic system includes safety precautions. This move brings another peak in green and smart buildings in Sabah.

With an investment of RM130 million, Dato' Chua Soon Ping's fifth development project, Bay Suite, is a combination of green and intelligent technologies. He uses the latest technology from Japan and manufactures it in China to solve the problem of water leakage in ordinary houses. Even the water guns used in the toilets are intelligent. The Bay Suite also uses smart locks, and from the moment you step into the door of the residence, it is like stepping into a train of advanced technology.

The Bay Suite building is 35 stories high, with a unit height of 442 feet. It is divided into commercial residential and residential areas. There are a total of 447 commercial areas, with land areas ranging from 402.42 to 1,471 square feet, with 1 bedroom and 1 living room to 3 bedrooms and 2 living rooms, with prices starting from RM350,000 to RM1.38 million. As for the residential area, there are 70 units, ranging from 659 sq ft to 1,800 sq ft, with prices ranging from RM500,000 to RM1.5 million, with 2 bedrooms and 1 living room to 3 bedrooms and 2 living rooms.

Its high-altitude glass and glass elevator in the compound unit with a height of 6.6 metres is worth mentioning and is a feature that Bay Suite is applying for the Malaysia Book of Records. Once successfully listed in the Malaysian Book of Records, Remajaya Sdn Bhd will be the first developer in the country to adopt smart buildings.

The Bay Suite has been designed to maximise the internal adjustment of passive environmental conditioning. By making the most of natural ventilation, passive solar heating, daylight harvesting and thermal storage cooling, it is possible to improve building performance without increasing costs.
Each unit in the residential area is 3.3 metres high, with a door size of 4x8, with spacious private space and absolutely no door-to-door direction.

Bay Suite's efficient use of daylight is designed to complement the building's mass and spatial characteristics, while significantly reducing the energy demand for lighting. In addition, a good daytime lighting environment is beneficial to the health and productivity of the occupants.

Unlike other developers, Remajaya Sdn Bhd's green building design begins with the orientation of the entire development. The goal is to capture beneficial natural light while mitigating the potentially harmful side effects of glare and solar heating. To ensure that the daylight and lighting design can complement each other in terms of energy efficiency and architectural aesthetics, to reduce the frequent use of air conditioners due to the high room temperature, which will affect the energy-saving effect.

For those who cannot avoid the sunlight at sunrise and sunset, double-layer glass is used for thermal insulation.

Models that use nature as a reference when designing building systems. In addition to using double-glazed insulation, the Bay Suite building also installed a rainwater collection and recycling system to reduce water consumption.

To optimise the water supply system, Remajaya Sdn Bhd not only analyses the feasibility of water-saving but also analyses the possibility of on-site recovery, treatment and recycling. Begin analysis early in the design process, looking for opportunities to integrate ecological water supply management into the design of rainwater and wastewater treatment systems.

The work also includes tracking the building's energy, water and heating comfort performance data after the building’s opening and comparing it with predictive models to identify inconsistencies, take corrective measures and monitor implementation.

Remajaya Sdn Bhd's customised solutions for customers and building users are combinations of a commercial approach, high technology and creative thinking, tailored to the client's unique goals and knowledge of the building's current and future occupants.

Chua Soon Ping promises to provide an attractive, healthy, on-demand environment that increases real value by enhancing user well-being, reducing energy and natural resource requirements, improving performance, and most importantly, increasing market value.

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