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285 Foreign Investors Register for Sarawak-Malaysia My Second Home

The Sarawak Trade and Tourism Office Singapore (STATOS) has led a new marketing drive to captivate home seekers and long-stay travelers to Sarawak. The strategic collaboration between the Ministry of Tourism Arts and Culture of Sarawak (MTAC), Sarawak Housing and Property Developers Association (SHEDA), Tourism Malaysia and STATOS witnessed the successful outcome of the first “Sarawak-Malaysia My Second Home (SMM2H) Webinar”.

Sarawak Consolidated Subdivision Obtains RM120 Million PR1MA Housing Plan

A successful event strikes a chord with foreign investors

The event had induced registrations from 285 potential investors and retirees from around the province, which includes Singapore, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Australia and Korea.

“I believe our campaign message struck a chord with our target market. People everywhere are spending more time at home making it a perfect time to review their lifestyle choices”, said Putrie Rozana, deputy CEO of STATOS. 

The event was advertised all over Southeast Asia with a social media campaign and also via Tourism Malaysia’s local offices reaching out to their directory contacts. Manoharan Periasami, senior director of Tourism Malaysia mentioned that Malaysia is ranked at seventh place in the World’s Best Places to Retire by International Living presently, and there are five key factors that contributed to that placing: language, low cost of living, tropical climate, friendly people, and security.

According to Sam Lion, a Singaporean who had been working in Sarawak with a working visa permit, stated that he had missed the relaxing and tranquil lifestyle in Sarawak . He also said the market price for acquiring a property or apartment was more affordable than in Singapore.

Search for homes in Sarawak

The Ministry of Tourism Arts and Culture (MTAC) Sarawak is in charge of conducting the S-MM2H visa program under which more than 1300 long-stay visas have been permitted to families and retirees in the past 14 years. Residents from Singapore, Indonesia, China, Taiwan and the United Kingdom form up the top five source markets for Sarawak.

The event captivated many questions from the attendees about the range of affordable properties available for buyers seeking to purchase or rent a second home.

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