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Malaysian Homebuyers Prefer Binge Watching to Dips in Swimming Pools

Malaysian property buyers rank TV or Media Rooms first and swimming pools last, when it comes to the amenities they prefer in their new apartment buildings, according to a Juwai IQI survey of real estate agents in Malaysia. COVID-19 has reinforced the desire for TV and Media Rooms, which can also serve as workspaces for work-at-home professionals. 

The real estate and technology company asked more than 340 real estate agents throughout Malaysia which amenities were most popular with buyers of new apartments. Juwai IQI is the holding company that operates Juwai Limited and IQI, the No.1 real estate network in Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

Kashif Ansari, Group Executive Director of Juwai IQI, said:

“Are homebuyers today just lazy? I don’t think that they are lazy. Many people have small apartments that aren’t suitable for gatherings. Most younger people today consume the majority of their videos on phones or laptops. If you want to have a gathering or watch something on the big screen, you can use the Media Room. 

“Because of the Coronavirus, more employees are working from home. A TV Room or Media Room can double up as a working space. Not everyone has a suitable place to work within their apartment that is free from distractions. 

Homebuyers’ Most Popular Amenities

• TV or media room   

• Games room   

• Yoga room   

• BBQ area   

• Children’s play area   

• Tennis, futsal, or basketball court   

• Dual key access   

• Gym   

• Swimming pool

Source: Juwai IQI survey

“TV or Media Rooms are the number one amenity with homebuyers, followed by Games Rooms, Yoga Rooms, and BBQ Areas."

“Gyms and swimming pools are the least popular amenities with buyers. Most people belong to gyms outside of the home. People go to a membership gym for a sense of belonging and the chance to interact socially. Membership gyms tend to have better equipment, more space, better classes and trainers."

“The most expensive amenity for developers to provide, the swimming pool, is also the least popular with buyers."

“Looking forward, we expect developers to include more Media Rooms and more Business Centres in their projects."

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